Band Research



Script Schedule

Timing Audio Script
0.00-0.10 Intro of their music This is Impuertis live on
0.11-0.13 Jingle
0.14-0.24 Light instrumental of their music. We are in the studio, with Impuritas; boys introduce yourselves and tell us what you play in the band.
0.25-0.36 Each instrument played. “My names Jordan and I play…”
0.37-0.42 Light instrumental of their music. “If our viewers are looking to attend your gigs what are they to expect?”
0.43-0.58 Light instrumental of their music. -Bands Response-
0.59-0.64 Light instrumental of their music. “So have you got any big gigs coming up?”
0.65-0.85 Light instrumental of their music. -Bands Response-
0.85-0.95 Light instrumental of their music. “So we had a listen to your song Plague of Vermin, it’s good, did you write the lyrics yourselves?”
0.95-.1.05 Light instrumental of their music. -Bands Response-
1.05-1.10 Light instrumental of their music. “Talking of music, have you got any big albums on the horizon?”
1.10-.120 Light instrumental of their music. -Bands Response-
1.20-1.30 Light instrumental of their music. “So who would you say is the bossiest in the band, the most extravagant?”
1.30-.1.45 Light instrumental of their music. -Bands Response-
1.45-1.55 Light instrumental of their music. “What are your plans for the future?”
1.55-1.70 Light instrumental of their music. -Bands Response-
1.70-1.85 Light instrumental of their music. “There we have it, singing us out live is Impuritas!”

Artist Comparison

Counterfeit v Chance The Rapper

I chose two very different artists.

Counterfeit are a punk rock band, formed late 2015. I have followed the band since the beginning, I have also seen them. So when I watch this interview I understand why it’s filmed in black and white. All images and brands associated with this band are always in black and white. The interviewer is obviously aware of this and that’s why they’ve filmed it this way, so audiences relate to it. They are sat in a studio, as the band is about to release an album. You can even hear the undertone of the new single underneath them speaking. The interview is very casual, as they communicate they have their drinks and they’re talking as if it was an average conversation.

Chance The Rapper is an hip hop artist. Who gained recognition for his music in 2013. His interview is very different to the other. He is being interviewed on the ‘Breakfast Club’, which is on everyday. There is also more than one interviewer. His interview is also a lot longer, and more detailed. They ask him real deep questions, talk about his music in depth, they really understand Chance and know how to get him to reveal things for the audience.



Green Screen

How to use Premier Pro (Green Screen)

  • click on media browser.
  • click on K drive, media folder, ghost footage and then level three media.
  • file import images, select open.
  • drag the footage too video two.
  • drag an image to video one.
  • click effects tab, go on video effects, go on keying.
  • drag the ultra key to the footage in video two.
  • then double click this, click the effects tab.
  • go on key colour, click the eye drop and select your background colour.

My Video:


  • Objective of the task?      

The  task was to speak for a minute on a subject of your choosing. We then had to place videos or images behind this, to learn how to use the green screen.

  •  Effectiveness of the group work?

Work was not done in a group.

  • What skills did you learn through this task?

I learnt how to use effects on premier that work well with the use of green screen.

  • What are the problems faced using your skills and how did you solve them?

The problems I faced were loosing work, which was over come by the help of my teachers.

  • What was the feedback from your tutor and peers?

My feedback was to improve on my confidence. To remember my lines and keep eye contact with the camera.

  • Areas for improvement;

Next time I will work on my talking skills. To be more clear and effective when communicating with the camera. As well as seeming confident when talking about a subject.

Link for background music and background videos;

Radio Show

 Radio Script

Charley: Good morning, it’s a bright Monday. It’s just gone 6:30am; I hope you’re all up and ready for your day.

Meghan: First of all Charley, lets start off with a great loss we found out about earlier on this morning. David Bowie.

Charley: I know, it’s awful. Our thoughts from Radio One are with the family.

Meghan: He was always apart of my childhood, as of his roll in Labyrinth. He’ll always be the Goblin King too me.

Charley: You know I never saw that film! I want to hear more, so ring us on 03700 100 100, and share your stories that relate to Bowie.

(Advert/Jingle to break.)

Meghan: Hellooooo to our first caller! What’s your name and where you from?

Hayley: Hi I’m Hayley, from Kent. Just getting ready for work.

Meghan: So how you feeling about todays news?

Hayley: I’m shocked. David was such an inspiration to me. My mum was always singing his songs around the house. So he connects me to her, which is why his death is so heart-breaking.

Charley: Don’t worry his music will still live on. Thank you for sharing, now choose a Bowie song, for you and your mum.

Hayley: Changes!

 Meghan: You heard it. Here’s Changes from the legend David Bowie.




  • Objective of the task?      

The task was to create a short radio piece in groups, based on a subject of your choosing.

  •  Effectiveness of the group work?

I worked with Hayley and Charley. We worked well together as we equally chose our roles, chose a subject we all knew about and listened to each others ideas. Meaning our final product flowed well.

  • What skills did you learn through this task?

I learnt how to make sounds flow together by using the clip volume.

  • What are the problems faced using your skills and how did you solve them?

The problems we face were finding a quite space to record. After eventually finding one we got on well. As well as having a short limit to record, meaning not enough time for detail.

  • What was the feedback from your tutor and peers?

My feedback was to make the conversations more natural and not to make it seem as though its being read straight from a script.

  • Areas for improvement;

Next time I will work on my talking skills. To be more clear and effective when communicating with others.

Audio Visual Skills: ‘Interview Techniques’ Do You Remember


  1. When you were little who did you want to be and has that changed?
  2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  3. Who or what inspires you?
  4. How do you plan to accomplish your goals in the future?
  5. What obstacles do you think you might encounter when these goals have been put in place?


Ask open questions: who, what, when, where, why, how.



  • Objective of the task?

To create an interview on a subject of your choice.

  • Effectiveness of the group work?

I worked with Charley, Hayley, Andrew and Veronica. We worked well as we put our heads together to think of a topic and the questions, we all agreed on. We also all took it in turn to ask, answer and film the interviews.

  • What skills did you learn through this task?

I learnt how to be more confident in interviewing random people.

  • What were the problems you faced using your skills and how did you solve them?

The problems we face were lack of equipment. We had to use zooms, which meant unbalanced, less clear shots.

  • What was the feedback from your tutor and peers?

My mistake was making my video more of a Vox Pop, than an interview. As I didn’t add the clips of the interviewee. As well as the shot of Leanne not being similar to Charley’s shot, and the amount of room in the frame.

  • Areas for improvement;

Next time I need to make sure I understand the task clearly. As well as thinking about the framing of shots.




Radio Notes


Firstly it was created for necessity, not entertainment.

When it started it was used for transmitting news, around the 1910’s. Newspapers also existed, around this time. But for the first time ever you could hear it rather than read. By the time of the Second World War, radios were more common within houses, for use of survival. Making it more popular. America became more revolutionized, so rock came over too England, however at first it was illegal, due to the Governments hold on Radio. The film, ‘Boat the Rocked’, is an over the top, but good example of showing this. As of its presentation of ‘Radio Caroline’, which was a known illegal station. This made them more relevant. Radio changed as this generation grew though. BBC then hired hosts on illegal stations, to make themselves more relevant. This made Radio 1 an entertainment platform, therefor Radio 2 was created for a more mature audience. The BBC exists to be relevant to tastes and interests, aiming to minorities, especially those of disadvantages, and finally aiming for quality rather than its amount of audience.

It doesn’t have visual, but the use of spoken words makes it visual, a description building world. It’s a lot more challenging than writing a book. Every word counts. It requires the full media skill set. Creativity is key. Understanding the listeners. Now a days we listen to radio in the car, doing quick jobs, etc. So they have to make sure the small slots grab the listeners as quick as possible.

Listening to Radio 1

  • It uses loud music, to grab a listeners ear immediately. So their drawn into what the host is about to represent. Also as of the time being morning, so the listeners wake from this.
  • The host himself is proud, to comfort the listeners, so they know their about to tune into a station that will know how to entertain them. He also says the date and his name, to remind the listeners.
  • It’s music is relevant for the younger audiences.
  • Its recorded intro is also welcoming, factual and bold.

Listening to Radio 2

  • Radio 2 has the important news in the area. It was a woman who was clear and factual, as she doesn’t need to entertain when reporting the news.
  • Jeremy Vine was hosting, who has an older sense of humour to connect with an older audience.
  • He converses  with the female news reporter, as if they where just at home having a cup of tea. This makes the listeners feel more at home.
  • The song I heard was Sam Smith’s ‘I’m not the only one’. This is a known song, but is not the most recent song. It’s the sort of song various listeners will listen too, as its calming.

Listening to Radio 3

  • When I listened to this, for a whole hour it was the Lunch Time Concert, which is classical music.
  • The beginning is just a male, older voice, giving a short brief intro into what’s coming up, the date and time.
  • Before the hour music is played, they give a quick over view on important news, such as politics and fights in other countries.
  • Afterwards the man quickly gives information on where the string courted has played, the background of those involved, their songs and when they’ve played. This is precise and too the point, to be more basic for an older generation who aren’t interested in conversation’s between hosts.
  • This has a specific target audience as its aiming for those who like classical music.



Vox Pop

  Problems and Solutions

Health and Safety/Equipment/Location

  • Crew and those being interviewed could fall over equipment. A way to solve this problem is to have hazard warning signs around the area as well as having wires hidden.
  • Equipment being faulty and over heating. To prevent this all equipment should be checked over before using and is all in working order.
  • Certain areas, like being outdoors could be surrounded by possible hazards. Ways to prevent this is to make sure that the area that the interview is taking place is safe and to think of things that could be possible hazards then prevent them.

Saving and Organizing Files

  • A problem could be that the files have become corrupted and deleted due to viruses, power cuts or computer crashing. A way to solve this is to have saved the files to multiple locations regularly.
  • Files could be saved but lost on the PC. A way to solve this issue is to have set files on the chosen save locations where it is easy to locate each file for each chosen subject.
  • A way to protect your files is also once it is saved somewhere to send them to yourself via email so they can be accessed anywhere.

Choosing the Topic and Questions

  • Making sure that none of the questions we are asking the public will offend anyone. To solve this we need to do research to make sure it doesn’t target anyone in particular and making sure it is not bias towards one side of the discussion.
  • Making sure that the questions are relevant to the chosen topic. This can be reassured by doing lots of primary and secondary research around the related topic.

Working in a Group

  • People working in the group may be able to attend every meeting. A way to solve this problem is to pass information on as soon as it is given via emails or social networks
  • There may be someone in the group who can slack and slow down the pace and quality of the work. A way to solve this problem is to tell them to do more work with motivation or to replace them if they don’t change their ways.

Recording Visual and Sound

  • Problems with visual and sound could be faulty equipment. To solve this all equipment should be checked and risk assessed.
  • The quality could be distorted. To solve this, render the file and if it still isn’t better quality then it will have to be rerecorded.
  • Making sure we have back up copies by saving to multiple save locations

Our Questions:

  • What is your opinion on New Years Resolutions?
  • If you had to have a New Year Resolution, what would it be, and do you think you’d stick too it?

Final Edit and Evaluation

There were many flaws within my final edit, that I can definitely improve on next time. Firstly, there was a lot of background noise, that could have been avoided if we had chose another location. The same goes with our camera angles, there was too much space around the people. Meaning that less attention is given to framing of shots.