Firstly it was created for necessity, not entertainment.

When it started it was used for transmitting news, around the 1910’s. Newspapers also existed, around this time. But for the first time ever you could hear it rather than read. By the time of the Second World War, radios were more common within houses, for use of survival. Making it more popular. America became more revolutionized, so rock came over too England, however at first it was illegal, due to the Governments hold on Radio. The film, ‘Boat the Rocked’, is an over the top, but good example of showing this. As of its presentation of ‘Radio Caroline’, which was a known illegal station. This made them more relevant. Radio changed as this generation grew though. BBC then hired hosts on illegal stations, to make themselves more relevant. This made Radio 1 an entertainment platform, therefor Radio 2 was created for a more mature audience. The BBC exists to be relevant to tastes and interests, aiming to minorities, especially those of disadvantages, and finally aiming for quality rather than its amount of audience.

It doesn’t have visual, but the use of spoken words makes it visual, a description building world. It’s a lot more challenging than writing a book. Every word counts. It requires the full media skill set. Creativity is key. Understanding the listeners. Now a days we listen to radio in the car, doing quick jobs, etc. So they have to make sure the small slots grab the listeners as quick as possible.

Listening to Radio 1

  • It uses loud music, to grab a listeners ear immediately. So their drawn into what the host is about to represent. Also as of the time being morning, so the listeners wake from this.
  • The host himself is proud, to comfort the listeners, so they know their about to tune into a station that will know how to entertain them. He also says the date and his name, to remind the listeners.
  • It’s music is relevant for the younger audiences.
  • Its recorded intro is also welcoming, factual and bold.

Listening to Radio 2

  • Radio 2 has the important news in the area. It was a woman who was clear and factual, as she doesn’t need to entertain when reporting the news.
  • Jeremy Vine was hosting, who has an older sense of humour to connect with an older audience.
  • He converses  with the female news reporter, as if they where just at home having a cup of tea. This makes the listeners feel more at home.
  • The song I heard was Sam Smith’s ‘I’m not the only one’. This is a known song, but is not the most recent song. It’s the sort of song various listeners will listen too, as its calming.

Listening to Radio 3

  • When I listened to this, for a whole hour it was the Lunch Time Concert, which is classical music.
  • The beginning is just a male, older voice, giving a short brief intro into what’s coming up, the date and time.
  • Before the hour music is played, they give a quick over view on important news, such as politics and fights in other countries.
  • Afterwards the man quickly gives information on where the string courted has played, the background of those involved, their songs and when they’ve played. This is precise and too the point, to be more basic for an older generation who aren’t interested in conversation’s between hosts.
  • This has a specific target audience as its aiming for those who like classical music.




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