Problems and Solutions

Health and Safety/Equipment/Location

  • Crew and those being interviewed could fall over equipment. A way to solve this problem is to have hazard warning signs around the area as well as having wires hidden.
  • Equipment being faulty and over heating. To prevent this all equipment should be checked over before using and is all in working order.
  • Certain areas, like being outdoors could be surrounded by possible hazards. Ways to prevent this is to make sure that the area that the interview is taking place is safe and to think of things that could be possible hazards then prevent them.

Saving and Organizing Files

  • A problem could be that the files have become corrupted and deleted due to viruses, power cuts or computer crashing. A way to solve this is to have saved the files to multiple locations regularly.
  • Files could be saved but lost on the PC. A way to solve this issue is to have set files on the chosen save locations where it is easy to locate each file for each chosen subject.
  • A way to protect your files is also once it is saved somewhere to send them to yourself via email so they can be accessed anywhere.

Choosing the Topic and Questions

  • Making sure that none of the questions we are asking the public will offend anyone. To solve this we need to do research to make sure it doesn’t target anyone in particular and making sure it is not bias towards one side of the discussion.
  • Making sure that the questions are relevant to the chosen topic. This can be reassured by doing lots of primary and secondary research around the related topic.

Working in a Group

  • People working in the group may be able to attend every meeting. A way to solve this problem is to pass information on as soon as it is given via emails or social networks
  • There may be someone in the group who can slack and slow down the pace and quality of the work. A way to solve this problem is to tell them to do more work with motivation or to replace them if they don’t change their ways.

Recording Visual and Sound

  • Problems with visual and sound could be faulty equipment. To solve this all equipment should be checked and risk assessed.
  • The quality could be distorted. To solve this, render the file and if it still isn’t better quality then it will have to be rerecorded.
  • Making sure we have back up copies by saving to multiple save locations

Our Questions:

  • What is your opinion on New Years Resolutions?
  • If you had to have a New Year Resolution, what would it be, and do you think you’d stick too it?

Final Edit and Evaluation

There were many flaws within my final edit, that I can definitely improve on next time. Firstly, there was a lot of background noise, that could have been avoided if we had chose another location. The same goes with our camera angles, there was too much space around the people. Meaning that less attention is given to framing of shots.


One thought on “Vox Pop

  1. it is evident that you worked well as a group and came up with a good topic and questions to ask for this task.
    The areas that you need to improve further have already been mentioned in your evaluation. Make sure to think of all technical elements to consider before doing similar task next time.


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