Radio Script

Charley: Good morning, it’s a bright Monday. It’s just gone 6:30am; I hope you’re all up and ready for your day.

Meghan: First of all Charley, lets start off with a great loss we found out about earlier on this morning. David Bowie.

Charley: I know, it’s awful. Our thoughts from Radio One are with the family.

Meghan: He was always apart of my childhood, as of his roll in Labyrinth. He’ll always be the Goblin King too me.

Charley: You know I never saw that film! I want to hear more, so ring us on 03700 100 100, and share your stories that relate to Bowie.

(Advert/Jingle to break.)

Meghan: Hellooooo to our first caller! What’s your name and where you from?

Hayley: Hi I’m Hayley, from Kent. Just getting ready for work.

Meghan: So how you feeling about todays news?

Hayley: I’m shocked. David was such an inspiration to me. My mum was always singing his songs around the house. So he connects me to her, which is why his death is so heart-breaking.

Charley: Don’t worry his music will still live on. Thank you for sharing, now choose a Bowie song, for you and your mum.

Hayley: Changes!

 Meghan: You heard it. Here’s Changes from the legend David Bowie.




  • Objective of the task?      

The task was to create a short radio piece in groups, based on a subject of your choosing.

  •  Effectiveness of the group work?

I worked with Hayley and Charley. We worked well together as we equally chose our roles, chose a subject we all knew about and listened to each others ideas. Meaning our final product flowed well.

  • What skills did you learn through this task?

I learnt how to make sounds flow together by using the clip volume.

  • What are the problems faced using your skills and how did you solve them?

The problems we face were finding a quite space to record. After eventually finding one we got on well. As well as having a short limit to record, meaning not enough time for detail.

  • What was the feedback from your tutor and peers?

My feedback was to make the conversations more natural and not to make it seem as though its being read straight from a script.

  • Areas for improvement;

Next time I will work on my talking skills. To be more clear and effective when communicating with others.


One thought on “Radio Show

  1. Feedback: Well accomplished task, you have chosen a topic relevant to the Radio 1 target audience, with an interesting intro and use of SFX. There are some technical issues with this task that you have mentioned in your evaluation but as for the first task of this kind excellent work. Well done


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