How to use Premier Pro (Green Screen)

  • click on media browser.
  • click on K drive, media folder, ghost footage and then level three media.
  • file import images, select open.
  • drag the footage too video two.
  • drag an image to video one.
  • click effects tab, go on video effects, go on keying.
  • drag the ultra key to the footage in video two.
  • then double click this, click the effects tab.
  • go on key colour, click the eye drop and select your background colour.

My Video:


  • Objective of the task?      

The  task was to speak for a minute on a subject of your choosing. We then had to place videos or images behind this, to learn how to use the green screen.

  •  Effectiveness of the group work?

Work was not done in a group.

  • What skills did you learn through this task?

I learnt how to use effects on premier that work well with the use of green screen.

  • What are the problems faced using your skills and how did you solve them?

The problems I faced were loosing work, which was over come by the help of my teachers.

  • What was the feedback from your tutor and peers?

My feedback was to improve on my confidence. To remember my lines and keep eye contact with the camera.

  • Areas for improvement;

Next time I will work on my talking skills. To be more clear and effective when communicating with the camera. As well as seeming confident when talking about a subject.

Link for background music and background videos;


One thought on “Green Screen

  1. Feedback: You have accomplished this task well. You have chosen an interesting topic to talk about and made good choice of clips to support visually your work. You have also chosen appropriate music for the background.
    Areas for improvement: As mentioned in your evaluation keep the eye contact with the audience, learn the key facts and try to talk about the subject rather than rely on the script.


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