Counterfeit v Chance The Rapper

I chose two very different artists.

Counterfeit are a punk rock band, formed late 2015. I have followed the band since the beginning, I have also seen them. So when I watch this interview I understand why it’s filmed in black and white. All images and brands associated with this band are always in black and white. The interviewer is obviously aware of this and that’s why they’ve filmed it this way, so audiences relate to it. They are sat in a studio, as the band is about to release an album. You can even hear the undertone of the new single underneath them speaking. The interview is very casual, as they communicate they have their drinks and they’re talking as if it was an average conversation.

Chance The Rapper is an hip hop artist. Who gained recognition for his music in 2013. His interview is very different to the other. He is being interviewed on the ‘Breakfast Club’, which is on everyday. There is also more than one interviewer. His interview is also a lot longer, and more detailed. They ask him real deep questions, talk about his music in depth, they really understand Chance and know how to get him to reveal things for the audience.




One thought on “Artist Comparison

  1. Feedback: You have chosen good examples of interviews to analyse and have identified key feature between the two that makes them different. I would like to see more in-depth analysis of technical aspect of each interview. The way they are filmed ( type of shots), type of questions asked etc.


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