Who Are They?

 Impuritas formed in late 2012, with the simple goal of writing music and performing it to an audience. They are a death metal, sludge, death core band. The band is consisted of  Tom Stokes(vocals), Alex Telffer(guitar),Mac Sullivan(guitar), Nik Cromeeke(bass), and Jordan Brett(drums). They have already released their demo ‘The Human Condition’, in November 2013, as well as doing live shows throughout 2014. Supporting known acts to fans who love the death core genre. They are currently recording their debut full length ‘Sermons of Hate’, which will be released this year.

If our viewers are looking to attend one of your gigs what are they to expect?

Tom; Violence.

So have you got any big gigs coming up?

Tom; We’ve got March 11th, we’re playing in Croydon, with Monestries..

Nik; Our boys!

Tom; The boys.. Night at the Abyss and a few other bands.

Talking of music have you got any big albums on the horizon?

Tom; Yeah our debut album Sermons of Hate, will be out the years, we’re recording in the next couple of months.

Which music artist inspires you the most?

Tom; It’s a bit different for all of us. Like Mac who’s yours?

Mac; Rings of Sand all day long.

Nik; Traits from Florida, all day long. Big up the boys, proper.

Tom; Probably for me, White Chapel;

Alex; Fit for an Ortapsey.

Jordan; Melevelance.

So who would you say is the most bossiest?

*All lads screech*

Mac; Well Tom Stokes!

Nik; Hash tag Tom and the kids.

Jordan; I don’t know, I reckon I whip all of them into shape.

Mac; Jordan **** off.

Tom; It’s definitely like running a day care centre here.

Nik; Yeah we are special.


One thought on “Impuritas

  1. Feedback: Video interview: The planning process was excellent. You worked very well as a group and thought of everything. Your contingence plan saved your shoot. We have disused your work already but just to reiterate, the final edit is simple shot reverse shots with some use of additional footage from the band. You also managed to get away and hide some technical issues in your video by using transitions in editing. Turning your video into B/W effect works really well with the band image. There is inconsistence in sound quality, therefore in the future pay attention what can you hear and what is going on in the background. The simple solution to this would be to record few minutes of ambient sound and place it in the background of your interview.
    Feedback: Audio: Despite audio issues, you have managed to overcome the problem by placing background music during the interview. The audio piece has a good structure, with clear intro body of interview and ending.
    Overall an excellent project.


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