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Olly Murs:

The introduction is more informal. It starts of almost mocking Olly, by reminding us of how he started his career, (x-factor). The body is now more formal. It then goes into telling us about the amount of albums he’s released and how popular his music’s been. Also telling us who he’s worked with, e.g. Flo Rider. Then discussing some of his most popular songs, how he sings them, what he adds to them, the vibe from then. The review is then finished off by an informal round up, ‘With everything going his way, this is probably exactly how he thought being a pop star would turn out. Only the truly flint-hearted could not wish him well.’

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OutKast’s review is more formal than Olly’s. It’s more factual and informative on the artist and how well they’ve done in their success’s. The reviewer also talk’s about how the art work looks on their albums and how it fits their music. Talking about the scene of hip-hop also gives a reader more insight to the artist, and will make them popular by using well known hip-hop names. It ends the review on high, by bigging up the artist with a huge compliment ‘But if Stankonia forever remains this outfit’s ultimate record, it’s some achievement to call the greatest hip hop album of the 21st century one of your own.’

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This review is a lot more informal than the other two. As you can tell the reviewer is a fan, by the way they type. Speaking about the songs as if they have always been a fan of the artist, and understands the lyrics deeply. They talk about the history of the artist and how their music has changed in years. Finishing it off with a casual but warming compliment ‘For all the occasional pyrotechnics, Graffiti on the Train is clearly the work of a man and an outfit that’s done the rock’n’roll thing and is now easing into the next step. This is a solid enough start.’

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My Review of the ‘Impuritas’ Band

Impuritas released their first album on 18th Dec 2013. Oh did they make it snow. They came into the death core scene with a banger.

Although they are a small Kent band they have  made numerous amount of fans through touring Britain. Their language may be foul but their music is pure.

The song that jumped out most to me was ‘The Resurrection of Mason Verger’. Tom Stokes, vocalist tone of voice is different in this song to his other music. It is a lot deeper. It shows that this is a new era for their music. Showing that they are older and more professional.The bassist and guitarist work more together now. The under tone of their instruments is slightly more upbeat and more of a head banger. The drums slides into the song, with a smooth but hard beat. All these instruments create an awesome song that would definitely create a mosh pit.

The song most known ‘Plague of Vermin’, is a lot harder. Although its opening is quite typical to most songs, its bass line gives it an edge. The drums are a lot heavier in this song, you can hear the bangs and sweat coming of Jordan’s drum sticks. The whole vibe of the song is a lot deeper and almost suicidal. You really hear the pain of the song.

The band is  constantly  told that their music is ‘mad’.Trust me  their gigs are just as mad. Having been to many of their gigs, I will tell you the mosh pits are off the rails. Tom never fails to jump of the stage and face the crowd creating uproar at all their gigs. They have a great stage presence as well as being great to their fans. Their merchandise suits them and their fans. They have a great social media presence and interact with their fans well, by talking to them, getting their opinions and always keeping them updated on their upcoming gigs.

Individually they all bring something different to the band. Tom Stokes (vocalist) is the oldest, biggest and is the most professional when it comes to their music. Alex Telffer (guitar) is the head banger, when he plays you are bound to see his crazy blond mop flying about. Nik Cromeeke (bass) is the tattooed, big eared charmer. He always makes the fans have a good time. Mac Sullivan (guitar) is the joker, he is always smiling and make the crowd go in. Finally Jordan Brett (drums) is the quiet one. Together they make the band rock.

When I listen to this band it reminds me of bands such as Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel and Parkway Drive. Big bands in the death core scene. If they just keep rocking I’m sure they’ll be the headline acts soon enough.

Poster Review


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I chose two very different posters and artists. Kehlani is an American R&B singer. Whilst Counterfeit is an British rock band. Both their posters individually represent their music.


Kehlani’s poster is more vibrant. It is also illustrated in cartoon. Which most R&B rappers use on their album covers. The poster shows how she is a woman and the music will appeal to a female audience. It is also appealing and would stand out on a street of posters.  It is clear about the tour dates and location.


Counterfeit’s poster is more plain and dark. This is done as of the genre being rock. They are a fresh new band, so the poster shows a clear look of the band and what to look forward to. They place Jamie, the lead singer centre, so he is seen first, this also helps as he is a successful actor and it will real in new audiences. It is also clear in its tour dates and locations. This is probably done as its for a younger audience who don’t care to read in detail for those information.

My Poster

final poster


One thought on “Extension Task

  1. Feedback: You have looked at range of reviews, and have identified how each one of them is composed. I would like to see a more in depth analysis of each review, looking into language used and how does each review communicate with its readers / audience. Your own music review is good piece or writing. You have managed to portray the band in a very positive light and give a reader a good idea of what the bend music is like.


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