Three skills I have gathered from the last two terms?

  • The first skill I learnt was to work in a group environment, to direct appropriately and listen to others opinions. This will help in the future when working in the media industry.
  • The second skill was using editing software for videos. This helped by making my videos look professional.
  • The third skill was conducting interviews. This helped as it boost my confidence levels to ask strangers to be interviewed.

What are three skills you’ve improved on since joining the course?

  • I’ve improved on my communication skills, involving working with new people and knowing how to speak appropriately when doing interviews.
  • Another skill I improved on is using the equipment, how to set it all up and position cameras and lighting to make my filming look good.
  • Finally a skill I also improved on was using the green screen. Positing my stance well in the camera and fitting in the right backgrounds to suit the dialogue.

What piece of work are you most proud of?

  • The work I’m most proud of would be final project, as the whole thing gelled well together. I put a lot of effort into the research, as well as making my blog look presentable as a whole. Myself and my group put a lot of effort into the filming process, finding the band, going to them and filming them. I also was happy with my editing skills and making it look professional.

Which medium do you feel is your strongest?

  • I feel that filming is my strongest medium. As I enjoy directing, arranging the camera, lighting, setting, and being in control whilst I do it.

What is your weakest medium?

  • My weakest medium is probably radio. It is something I’m not as interested in as I am with the other mediums. There for I could improve with my effort and skills when it comes to radio.





2 thoughts on “FMP Week One

  1. Your skills evaluation is to the point. You were able to identify your strengths and weaknesses accurately as well as areas / skills that require further improvement.
    Please check and read your work before posting it on your blog. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation.


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