I gathered fellow students and my forum tutor to ask them for opinions on my two final project ideas;

  1. Skatin on Ragged Rim’s
  2. Fairy Tale Effect

I conducted questions, to conclude what would be the best project to choose.

  1. What title first appeals to you and why?
  2. What project do you think has more of an impact and purpose?
  3. Looking at my summary of the project what one seems most interesting?

Lily and Charley both gave me different answers to the questions.


  1. “The Fairy Tale Effect, mainly because it sounds interesting, that its about imagination more than it is reality.”
  2. “Probably Skatin on Ragged Rim’s because its more to do with reality than it is Fairy Tales”
  3. “Fairy Tale Effect, because it’s all about imagination.”


  1. “Skatin Ragged Rim’s, because it sounds interesting and unusual.”
  2. “Probably the skating one as its more informative.”
  3. “Again the skating one as I know nothing about skating so it’d be interesting.”



Gaining this information has encouraged me to choose ‘Skatin on Ragged Rim’s’, as that was the option more people talked about. Even though Lily mentions the Fairy Tale Effect, she still says Skatin on Ragged Rim’s has a better purpose. I am no certain on which project I am choosing.


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