Justification of Idea

I am choosing ‘Skatin on Ragged Rims’ as I am confident in it turning out great, as I have a great knowledge on the project and am positive in having all the resources that will make my project look good. The only problems I could encounter are people being unreliable, which would delay filming time.

Although throughout my research I mentioned interviewing mature people, to get their feelings of skating, I will only be interviewing skaters as they are the only resources I have for my video. So my video will be glorifying the sport and getting those who don’t skate to understand why skaters love it. I hope all of this comes together in making my project appealing.

Present, explain and contextual findings / background and context of the work;

I chose “Skatin’ on Ragged Rims” as it is a topic I feel passionate about and I understand the topic well, so I would be confident in showing others the world of skating.

This topic is personal to me, as I have always been surrounded by skaters. For five years I have always hung out at skate parks, as that is what my friends are into. So I knew when choosing this topic I would have great resources in making the video look good and I would know what to talk about.

I obviously do not want to become a professional skater, but my ideal career would be a film maker, writer and director. So this project helps me in the sense I can take control, direct people, film and write it how I want people to see it.

The basic premise of my project is to show those who are judgmental of skaters that it is a sport, an art form. Nothing to compare to hooligans and drug addicts. As well as showing the aspect of female skaters and that it is not just a male sport.

I seek to help bring the sport more known and change peoples opinions of it. It relates to my target audience as I know skaters just want to be respected.


Use findings to contextualize your project / present and discuss your findings;

When researching for my project I found a lot of documentary that are similar to what I was aiming for. “Concrete Circus” being one of them. It is an Urban Sports documentary that was aired on Channel 4. It followed professional sports man and encourage people to watch and understand Urban Sports. I also found many short films on YouTube, that were based on female skaters. This encouraged me in knowing that there are more females out there who want to be recognized for the sport.

Throughout my project I research different aspects that are connected to skating to get a broad understanding of it. Firstly I researched statistics in youth crime associated with skaters. Researching youth crime was helpful as it meant I was broadening my project and thinking of other things that over shadow urban sports. It also gives me more information to show to mature people that skaters are not as bad as some think. It also helped me prove that sports can distract young minds and taking them away from violence, crime and drugs.

Secondly I research the “Z-Boys”, a Californian skate team from the 70’s who changed the sport for life. Inspiring the skaters we see today. Researching the Z-Boys helps my project as it gives me a knowledge on those who have changed the Urban Sport world, influenced the kids we see skating today and that a small group of people can be persevered wrong for a sport they love. I can use this to my advantage when interviewing skaters, as it will make them feel grounded knowing that the interviewee understands the history of skating and the passion behind it.

As I mentioned before I research “Concrete Circus”. The knowledge of Concrete Circus makes me confident in knowing my documentary will make an impact on people, like Concrete Circus did. Knowing that a subject like this was on Channel Four, makes me realize that this topic is getting heard more and I can add to making history of Urban Sports. The documentary also discusses a lot on how social media is involved in urban sports a lot and how it helps it more popular. I hope to use this by making the skaters in my documentary more known and encouraging people to take up urban sports.

I began to research skaters from later years who changed the view on female skaters, as well as researching female skaters today. My tutor was the one who gave me the inspiration to add the female aspect to my project, and I’m glad I was, as learning more into female skaters gives another aspect to my project. Highlighting that this sport is not just for guys. Not only that, but it made me even more interested in my own project, to know about these women who have been so successful in Urban Sports, and makes me want to go out their a find female skaters, getting a woman’s perspective on how mature people view them.

I then went onto researching the fashion, decks and how they communicated with one and other. A big part of any sport/ clique, is fashion. Skating has it’s own style which sets them apart from sports such as football or even golf. I feel like discussing fashion in my project will make young people interested, as our generation is consumed by the fashion industry. Not only that but fashion means I can talk about both genders, aiming to a wider target. Mature people may also have an opinion on the way they dress, whether they think it looks rough or reminds them of brands they wore at that age. Researching decks (skate boards) is useful as it brings out another aspect into my project, which would be art. It will bring in another audience, the audience being artists, who will find this interesting. Showing that this sport can be appealing to the eye and anyone can represent themselves through a deck. Researching their slang words was useful as it sets urban sports away from other sports. Showing how it is unique and has its own social standing.  It also gives me an idea of how to communicate with the skaters when I film them.

When I was in Media Level Two, I had actually already used skating as a topic. Looking back on previous work helps me as I know what needs improving. For one my filming skills have improved since the last recording of skating, I know what equipment to use and how I should use it when filming motion. The information I gathered from my last project helps as well, as I can take inspiration from the last project and improve the research I previously have done. I am also now confident that I will be able to accomplish my idea to a professional standard video work.

Knowing a lot about skating in my area was useful when doing primary research on local skater parks. I used my knowledge and research of “Little Oasis Crazy Skate”, to show how people do think wrong of skaters and do not try and understand why they are passionate about the spot. Writing about how the council took away Little Oasis Crazy Skate backs up my theory of judgement. Researching local skate spots and shops helps me have a broader knowledge of the passion and commitment skaters have into fighting and providing from themselves. It shows how they are a team and care about the sport they love.

Finally, I created surveys and looked at existing surveys on YouGov, to get straight to the point in knowing opinions from skaters. This gave me an knowledge of not just skaters from Kent, but from Britain in general.

All research helped me in achieving skills in interviewing skaters, to show them that the person interviewing them knew the topic, making them feel confident in expressing their emotions.






One thought on “Final Evaluation

  1. You have written an excellent self – reflected evaluation with critical overview of your FMP project. Your evaluation is consistently reflecting on not just your view and experience of the project, but the others that were involved in the process as well as your target audience. It is also evidenced throughout your evaluation that you have consistently referred your work to similar professional media products and set yourself a goal to create a near professional piece of work. You worked very hard on this project and the final outcome is excellent as well as your evaluation of work produced.


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