One thought on “Final Video: Skatin on Ragged Rims

  1. You have set yourself inventive task with this project and worked extremely hard to see it through. You have demonstrated excellent ability to independently plan, organize and produce FMP. All your Pre – production part of the project has been to a Distinction standard. Throughout the project you have shown excellent project management skills. Your FMP idea is accomplished and ambitious. The skills you have mastered through the project are: The importance of good sound recording. Sound throughout the project is consistently of excellent quality even though all your interviews are conducted on location. You have mastered the conventions of factual program makings such as: how to conduct and film good interviews, good questioning techniques, well planned and executed camera shots, the importance of b roll footage, etc. You have produced excellent footage of skaters in action and I know that you even bought special equipment to achieve desired action shots. Overall the project reflects your excellent skills development and application of audio and video recording and editing skills throughout your FMP.
    I am really looking forward to your next year work. Well done


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