Final Idea Research

The Idea

My final idea is to create an online skating magazine. As it is a niche market, which would
make my idea stand out and be original. Fortunately there are a lot of subjects I can use within the magazine such as; art, fashion, pro skaters, top skate parks etc.

Target Audience Research

Primary Research

Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher magazine has a very set target audience, skaters. Nether the less they will also talk about music, fashion, tricks and culture.  Seventeen years of publication have proven that advertising in THRASHER magazine is the instant, easiest and most influential way to reach your target audience.

  • The most popular age range who read it are 13-15 years, at 54% (as stated in Thrasher Magazine  Website.)
  •  It is the longest running magazine on the skateboarding sport, and is very popular due to the lack of skate boarding magazines out there.
  • 70% of THRASHER readers do not read any other skateboard magazine on a regular basis.
  • 88% of THRASHER readers say they get skateboard and music coverage in THRASHER that they don’t get elsewhere.
  •  9 out of 10 THRASHER reader’s have bought a product advertised in THRASHER in the past month.
  • 65% of THRASHER readers list THRASHER as their primary influence in purchase decisions, the other
  • 90% of males read Thrasher, 10% are females.

All statistics above are from the following link below;

Bibliography: CR programming M2T5 (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

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I used the website below, called YouGov to find existing research related to skating interests in general, for my target audience. I discovered a lot of important research from the following link.

Bibliography: YouGov profiles LITE (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).


  • Most who took this survey were male. Only 35.5% of skaters were females.
  • The age range was 18-24.
  • The most common social grade is middle class.
  • The most popular areas for skating are London and the South Coast.
  • Jobs that appear most are media based work, or trade work.
  • Most of those who took this survey spend at least £1000 on the hobby.


  • The most common hobbies among skaters are music, arts and fishing.
  • All sports are popular for skaters.
  • Interests include gaming, religion and graphic design.
  • Niche interests include, unusual sports, like rock climbing and martial arts.
  • They don’t seem to be too into animals, as most animals chosen are basic common house pets.


  • Words used to describe themselves were; talented, a leader, upbeat, a thinker, inventive and spontaneous.
  • But on occasion they can be seen as; arrogant, hyperactive, reckless, bossy and unpredictable.


  • They are customers of Coca Cola, Addidas and Red Bull.
  • The most popular super marker is Asda
  • Common clothing brands worn are Vans, Addidas, Nike, Converse and AirWalk.


  • Popular films are; Inbweeteners, Ride Along and Friday Friday.
  • Popular music artists are; Kendrick Lemar, Grimes and Gnarles Barkley.
  • Favorited celebrities consist of Richard Hammond, Neil Patrick Harris, Russel Brand and James Franco.

Brief Summary

Doing this research helped me get a broader understanding of skaters. YouGov helped me get more insight into skaters not just in Kent. Giving me more things to think of in my project and how interests are similar in this scene.

Concrete Circus 

Secondary Resarch


Concrete Circus was a documentary on channel 4, that focused around urban sports. Representing many various sports and showing there art form. Most people do not think of skating and riding a bike as a sport, but it is. All four urban sports (skate boarding, BMXing, roller blading and free running) shown in this documentary are very physically  challenging. The documentary  focuses on well known names within the urban sport scene, encouraging participants to continue it, and those against it to listen and try it. That is how I want my magazine to come across. It would include interviews with professional skaters, every day skaters, and those who aren’t aware of the sport. With the intention to promote the urban sports among the younger generation.

Bibliography: Concrete circus (2015) Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

Brief Summary

The research I have gained from Concrete Circus makes me confident in knowing my magazine will make an impact on people, like Concrete Circus did. Knowing that a subject like this was on Channel Four, makes me realize that this topic is getting heard more and I can add to the debate and promote Urban Sports. The documentary also discusses how social media is involved in urban sports  and how it helps make it more popular. I hope to use this by making the skaters in my magazine more known and encouraging people to take up urban sports. I know Concrete Circus has an impact, because it made an impact on me getting  into Urban Sports. Also this documentary was recommended to me by a tutor who has no interest in Urban sports, which makes me confident in knowing something like this can reach out to anyone, because it caught her imagination too.

Female Skaters

Primary and Secondary Research

I interviewed a fellow media student (Morgan), whom skates, to give  her advice and feelings on Urban Sports. This was useful as it was a female who skates and lives locally, so this has given me a good insight on the subject, from a female perspective.

Although Morgan only takes up long boarding, how they can be involved in any diverse type of urban sport. She says how being a female in Urban Sports is unique as it is not common. There for this gives an opportunity to create  a big page spread on the subject, with an aim to get more females interested in the urban sports. An interesting thing she mentions is how Urban Sports should be in the Olympics. This would be a big platform to discuss in my magazine, as why shouldn’t Urban Sports be in the Olympics they are just as physically challenging as most sports seen in the Olympics. I could create interviews with the BBC,  which would add a great twist to my magazine as it will involve a wider audience, connected to the BBC.

Famous Female Skaters

Elissa Steamer

‘Back in the early 90’s, Elissa smashed through a predominately male-dominated skating scene, in Toy Machines 1996’s video, Welcome To Hell’

( -Accessed: 30 September 2016). .

Photo: Gabe Morford Email: Subject: Elissa Steamer Location: San Francisco, CA

          Although other female skaters  were seen in the video, Elissa shared the same amount of screen time with the male skaters. However it wasn’t until 1998 when she won the Slam City Jam women’s division – and finally went pro – that she began to make a name for herself. She is also the only female character you can play in Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

The following link is for the image above;

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

Patti McGee

Patti-McGee9‘Patti was doing a handstand on a skateboard on the cover of Life magazine in May 1965 long before bra burning and protests outside the Washington Monument’.

As mentioned in the following link; ( (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

Patti was the first woman to become a pro skateboarder, after winning the Women’s National Skateboard Championship. She was sponsored by ‘HOBIE’ skateboards and demonstrated her 360s trick on them around the world.

By the time Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta were ripping around ‘Southern California, Patti had quit skateboarding altogether to become a turquoise miner in Nevada and later a leather smith. But her early exposure and talent paved the way for future generation of female riders.

Brief Summary

I was inspired to research female skaters by my tutor, and I’m thankful for the conversation with my tutor, that lead me to explore the subject further. As learning more about female skaters gives another topic for my project. Highlighting that this sport is not just for guys made me even more interested in my own project, to know about these women who have been so successful in Urban Sports. It makes me want to go out there and find female skaters, to get a woman’s perspective on the urban sports.

The Fashion

Primary Research: Images I Took Myself

‘Skateboarders have influenced the fashion industry through their laid back lifestyle and this is mirrored in the way that they have dressed for decades’

As mentioned in the following link; (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

 It is only natural that skaters would want to create their own clothing lines because fashion is closely linked to the sport. Let’s be honest, who understands best what skate kids want to wear better than skaters themselves?

There are many brands that come to mind; Vans, Primitive, Jovontae Turner & Co, Shake Junt, HUF, Girl Skateboards and more.

It is not just for guys though. Even female skaters have interpreted their own style. Using these brands and making it their own. Below are some images I took of myself, showing the female skater fashion.

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Brief Summary

A big part of any sport is the fashion element. Skating has it’s own style which sets it apart from sports such as football or even golf. I believe discussing fashion in my project will make young people interested, as our generation is consumed by the fashion industry. I will aim to include articles on both genders,to attract a wider target.

Magazine Font and Color Concepts

Secondary Research


I want my magazine to be full of color, to show skating as an art form. I will use red-bull-media-3graffiti as my background. It will stand out and will entice young skaters.                                                When looking up fonts, I instantly felt ‘Thrashers’ font was 25567the kind of font I wanted for my magazine. picture5The font is bold and edgy and hard hitting like the sport. ‘Thrasher’ being a skating magazine, know what attracts there audience as well.

The following links are for the above images;

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Brief Summary

Looking up existing fonts and color schemes gave me ideas on how I would like my magazine to look. This is useful as it gives me ideas and makes me think of ways to make my magazine stand out from the rest.

Magazine Spreads

Secondary Research


I looked up existing magazine spreads on skate boarding. They all have similar themes, white background, colorful bold pictures and black plain font. I think the magazines use this colour code as a theme as most audiences for these magazines are men. Black and white work together, however they are strong colors, that have a dominance about them.


The following links are for the images either side;


Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Mood Board


Magazine Cover Ideas/Flat Plan


I created a tester front cover for my website. This is the kind of style I’d like my final product to look like.

Front Cover Flat Plan










With all the research and feedback I have gained, it has made me decide to the skating magazine. As it is a niche market and would be a different and original idea. I also have done this subject in previous work, which makes me confident in choosing it as a project. I also have all the resources to create the magazine too how I imagine.

Practice Article Review

Film Review

Lords of Dogtown ~ Sport/Drama (2005)

The film is set in 1970’s California, based on the true story of the Z-Boys. The film hasn’t got a known cast, although stars the late Heath Ledger, whom plays Skip Engblom. The real stars though are Emile Hirsch, Victor Rasuk and John Robinson. They play the lead roles and known names of the original Z-Boys. They show the real vivid impression of what it must have been like to become the Z-Boys and cruise from the bottom to the top. The actors we’re fortunate that Stacey Peralta (an original Z-Boy) directed on this film, as it gave them a real in sight into the characters they we’re playing.  The film starts with the boys skating empty swimming pools, as their fearless pool surfing soon leads on to fame and money.

St. Elmo’s Fire ~ Drama (1985)

A group of close friends, graduate from college and slowly delve into the real world of adulthood. Together they try to handle adulthood. Kirby is waiter, wanting to become a lawyer. Kevin, a moody writer, who yearns for another member of the group. Alec, whose political aspirations cause him relationship issues. Leslie is unsure about commitment to another. Whilst Wendy is hopelessly in love. Finally Billy who can’t even handle reality. The film stars huge actors, of which this film gave them a break into this industry; Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson and Andrew McCarthy. An irresistible cast, with realistic life issues.

  • The first step is to get familiar with the genre, so if you are planning o write a film review, start by reading some published film reviews.
  • A film review should have a number of purposes.
  • To inform. The review needs to tell people who is in the film, who it is by and where or when readers can see it.
  • To describe. The review should describe the story, characters and some of the action, without spoiling the plot.
  • To analyse. A good review gives an opinion on whether the film is good or not and why.
  • To advise. Finally, the review should tell the reader whether or not go and see the film.



Free Writing

Opposing View One

I have very strong feelings/ opinions regarding…the generations today and the generations that surround us. Why shouldn’t a teenager be able to look out their window, with the sun blazing at their face, and think about going to skate where ever they may live? Why shouldn’t they skate a local band stand or set of stairs? Punishment, perception, things older generations place upon us. Surely mature adults would prefer too see teenagers enjoying a hobby, than stealing, stabbing and scrapping. My point is how can we work together so that those mature aren’t worried about skaters antics, and how can skaters know that they have a place to skate without having to defend themselves? CHANGE. Supply for the generation of today. Don’t waste your time sitting in a chair deciding what to do, listen to what they have to say. Build more skate parks, make public areas available to skate on, and hep build a happy generation, with no crime and judgement.

Opposing View Two

Do you think it’s easy to listen too all peoples views? Too please everyone? Unfortunately we do have to listen to adults and the stories they give us. Nine times out of ten it involves kids skating, smoking weed and doing graffiti everywhere. Now they may say they don’t participate in crime and fights, but does that mean we can sit there, build them skate parks, only for them to eventually be damaged and for young people to be doing drugs? No. I don’t think that’s reasonable. Nor do we have the sufficient funds to build these things. Sometimes in life we have to priorities, and skate parks just aren’t at the top of the list, but is something we want to most definitely build on.

Market Research

Billboard Magazine

picture1Billboard magazine’s target audience varies from young teens; 16 too young adults; 26 This is as of its wide range of chart updates and music gossip. The rate card shows many graduates read it, as it as an American magazine. 

Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher magazine has a very set target audience, skaters. Nether the less they will also talk about music, fashion, tricks and culture.  Seventeen years of publication have proven that advertising in THRASHER magazine is the quickest, easiest and most influential way to reach your target audience.

 It is the longest running magazine on the sport, and is the most recognized one as of the lack of skate boarding magazines out there.

  • 70% of THRASHER readers do not read any other skateboard magazine on a regular basis.
  • 88% of THRASHER readers say they get skateboard and music coverage in THRASHER that they don’t get elsewhere.
  •  9 out of 10 THRASHER reader’s have bought a product advertised in THRASHER in the past month.
  • 65% of THRASHER readers list THRASHER as their primary influence in purchase decisions, the other
  • 90% of males read Thrasher, 10% are females.
  • The most popular age range whom read it are 13-15, at 54%.

Online Survey

I created a survey on SurveyMonkey, to get public feedback on my magazine ideas.

These are the questions I asked;

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With the feedback I received it made it clear the the music magazine was least popular, as people didn’t write to much detail about it. A lot of people mentioned they’d recommend it to relative and friends children. Whilst for the skating magazine, people only said skaters, which shows both magazine will have a set target audience. However from my responses I got more ideas and inspiration for the skating magazine.



Magazine Topic Research

Starting From Myself   

Last year we did a task named ‘starting from myself’, where we created a mind map on things, people, that we associated with ourselves. In order to create a project that came from our passions.

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Using inspiration from previous work, I can chose things that are important to me and reflect this in the magazine I will create.

Idea One

I could create an online magazine for children. Something I’ve always loved is Disney and fairy tales. Which I have use a lot in previous work whilst being at Canterbury College. I could create short stories, using known characters, but in my own story lines. Create online games that children could print off and do. I could even create a page on princess fashion with a modern twist, to sell. My target audience would mainly be aimed for girls of an age range of 5 too 8, as I would make it a very feminine magazine.

I previously made a story and video, named ‘Fairy Tale Effect’, which I could improve and make short videos for the online magazine.

Whilst looking online, I couldn’t find an online Disney Magazine, only pages that tried to make you buy the real life thing. Meaning there is a place for my idea online.

Idea Two

My second idea comes from my love of hip hop and grime music. I could create an online music magazine based  around that genre of music. Where I can advertise tours, hold interviews and have playlists of music people can listen to online. Although they do have a lot of sites like this, so I would need to think of ways to stand out.

A website I was looking at was Billboard.

Billboard (2016) Music charts, news, photos & video. Available at: (Accessed: 23 September 2016).

Billboard has all the characteristics that make up a good online music site. They involve the chart hits and allow you too listen to them online. They are well connected to social media, which in the generation we’re in sells. They include loads of interviews, and articles, which most people now a days are obsessed with the actions celebrities take in their lives. Using inspiration from this I could create an online music magazine.

Idea Three

I could use my knowledge on skate boarding, to create an online magazine based on this. There aren’t many online resources based on this subject. I think it could be something unique to do and try and create a fan base for this subject. It is a very broad subject that I could create many subjects for the magazine.

Skateboarders have influenced the fashion industry through their ‘IDGAF’ lifestyle and the way that they have dressed for decades. It is only natural that skaters would create their own clothing lines. Let’s be honest, who understands what skate kids want to wear than skaters themselves?

It is not just for guys though. Even female skaters have interpreted their own style. Using these brands and making it their own. In recent years vintage Adidas and Nike have been worn a lot. Wearing bright colors, that give off the Hawaiian vibe.

Welty, M. (2013) The 10 best Skater-Owned clothing brands right now. Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

 Art is majorly associated with skating, this is shown in many forums, specifically with there deck art. Which is a product I could discuss on my online magazine.

(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 23 September 2016).

Santa Cruz skateboards: Decks (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

I could also interview every day skaters and professional skaters. I previously created a video where I interviewed skaters, I could create videos similar to this for my online magazine.

Magazine Content Research


                                                   Magazine One                                                                                                             The first magazine I chose to take photos of was a sport one, e.g motorcycles. The unique selling point is it is on one particular thing, meaning it has one set target audience. The language used is too sell, it highlights the prices and brands of the bikes so it makes its readers invest in products. All these things create a well published magazine for their target audience, which would be those who love bikes, from an age of 16 to above, most likely just men.Yes the magazine has an online version;  picture1This is neccisary as of the generation we’re in, no longer pick up magazines and use the internet more so. Nor is the paper magazine cheap, it is £10.75, so for those who can’t afford it, they can easily access it online.



                                                                                          Magazine Two                                                                  My second option was a music magazine. This content page is very different to the sports magazine. It is dark and has a lot more going on. It’s target audience is those who love
heavy metal, rock etc. Reason being the magazine has the colors red, black and white, as those are colors typically associated with the artists within Kerrang. On the left hand side it’s advertising tour dates, as Kerrang itself attends a lot of music festivals, so selling a product for bands helps them gain interviews. picture2All writing is in a block format which I think goes with the general hard core theme of the magazine. Kerrang also has an online magazine;  

unnamed                                                         Magazine Three                                                                                                 My third magazine was Vogue. Vogue doesn’t have a content page. As the magazine is there to advertise and sell. The initial page you see inside is an image of clothes by Ralph Lauren. So instantly the magazine is aiming for people to spend. This makes it different to the other two magazines, as they still have interviews, columns, facts etc. The writing is all elegant and fancy, which is fits in with the theme of the magazine well, as it is high fashion magazine.. All the themes fit together well to target there audience, which is high end buyers of a mature age. picture3Vogue is a very expensive magazine so yes they do have an online site;

Week One * Task One * Magazine Analysis


Magazine Cover One;              

Only one image is used on the front cover, and that is of Chance The Rapper. This is done because he is the highlight of the magazine, he obviously has the biggest interview/article within the magazine. So anyone who is a fan of the rapper, will instantly pick this up so they can read what he has to say. The image is medium shot  and takes up the cover, although his face is turned to the side slightly. His eyes are the first thing I see, as they are so piercing, it makes the reader connect straight away. In bold you have the name of the magazine, its all in lower cases, which gives a fresh young vibe, as the target audience is teens. The background is a light sun set feel, which reflects on to his face. It is all a very smooth feeling. This represent’s the artists music. You could also say the reflection is like disco lights, making it look like the image was shot at a nightclub, giving off an upbeat vibe. Which would target the audience, as the audience is female and male, from the age of 13 to 24. (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 21 September 2016).


 Magazine Cover Two;                                      

Same as the previous cover, only one image is seen, which is the model. Although the background is all plain white. This has been done to highlight the model and her light features. It also makes the beige and gold colors she is wearing stand out. It all gels in with the writing around her ‘Cara Delevigne Crowned Miss Cool’, you can clearly see she is wearing a crown and has a modern, yet royal sense of clothing. Her head covers the Vogue title, which  is a common theme for Vogue magazines to have this. Which means those who buy Vogue magazines all the time will instantly grab this as they are used to purchasing it and are aware of the themes Vogue do. All of these aim for the target audience of female young adults, above, women who have a lot of income and can purchase these clothes.


Magazine Cover Three;

    This cover is different from the first two, as the highlighted interviewee is distant from the front.  This is as this a sport magazine, it has to give off an action, fun vibe.  It’s clearly stated ‘Skater of the Year’, so the magazine represents the skate board and the action that comes with it. Thrasher also does the title how Vogue does, with the model in front of it. I feel like this one is more effective as it looks like the model is crashing through the writing. The colors are very simplistic but it highlights the rail, in which the model is on.

(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 21 September 2016).


Looking at these front pages was useful and it showed me the common parts that makes a strong cover. I know that the cover should have one focus, to attract the set audience. I know what colors to use in order to stand out. All three magazines have their own font, although use similar sizes, which tells me what are the most important parts to highlight on a cover. They all use similar camera angles, to show off the model well. Even though Thrashers model is distant, it still gives off the same selling point as Vogue and Billboard do. Through this research I know I could make a powerful cover.