Magazine Cover One;              

Only one image is used on the front cover, and that is of Chance The Rapper. This is done because he is the highlight of the magazine, he obviously has the biggest interview/article within the magazine. So anyone who is a fan of the rapper, will instantly pick this up so they can read what he has to say. The image is medium shot  and takes up the cover, although his face is turned to the side slightly. His eyes are the first thing I see, as they are so piercing, it makes the reader connect straight away. In bold you have the name of the magazine, its all in lower cases, which gives a fresh young vibe, as the target audience is teens. The background is a light sun set feel, which reflects on to his face. It is all a very smooth feeling. This represent’s the artists music. You could also say the reflection is like disco lights, making it look like the image was shot at a nightclub, giving off an upbeat vibe. Which would target the audience, as the audience is female and male, from the age of 13 to 24. (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 21 September 2016).


 Magazine Cover Two;                                      

Same as the previous cover, only one image is seen, which is the model. Although the background is all plain white. This has been done to highlight the model and her light features. It also makes the beige and gold colors she is wearing stand out. It all gels in with the writing around her ‘Cara Delevigne Crowned Miss Cool’, you can clearly see she is wearing a crown and has a modern, yet royal sense of clothing. Her head covers the Vogue title, which  is a common theme for Vogue magazines to have this. Which means those who buy Vogue magazines all the time will instantly grab this as they are used to purchasing it and are aware of the themes Vogue do. All of these aim for the target audience of female young adults, above, women who have a lot of income and can purchase these clothes.


Magazine Cover Three;

    This cover is different from the first two, as the highlighted interviewee is distant from the front.  This is as this a sport magazine, it has to give off an action, fun vibe.  It’s clearly stated ‘Skater of the Year’, so the magazine represents the skate board and the action that comes with it. Thrasher also does the title how Vogue does, with the model in front of it. I feel like this one is more effective as it looks like the model is crashing through the writing. The colors are very simplistic but it highlights the rail, in which the model is on.

(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 21 September 2016).


Looking at these front pages was useful and it showed me the common parts that makes a strong cover. I know that the cover should have one focus, to attract the set audience. I know what colors to use in order to stand out. All three magazines have their own font, although use similar sizes, which tells me what are the most important parts to highlight on a cover. They all use similar camera angles, to show off the model well. Even though Thrashers model is distant, it still gives off the same selling point as Vogue and Billboard do. Through this research I know I could make a powerful cover.


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