Magazine One                                                                                                             The first magazine I chose to take photos of was a sport one, e.g motorcycles. The unique selling point is it is on one particular thing, meaning it has one set target audience. The language used is too sell, it highlights the prices and brands of the bikes so it makes its readers invest in products. All these things create a well published magazine for their target audience, which would be those who love bikes, from an age of 16 to above, most likely just men.Yes the magazine has an online version; http://www.bikemagazine.co.uk/  picture1This is neccisary as of the generation we’re in, no longer pick up magazines and use the internet more so. Nor is the paper magazine cheap, it is £10.75, so for those who can’t afford it, they can easily access it online.



                                                                                          Magazine Two                                                                  My second option was a music magazine. This content page is very different to the sports magazine. It is dark and has a lot more going on. It’s target audience is those who love
heavy metal, rock etc. Reason being the magazine has the colors red, black and white, as those are colors typically associated with the artists within Kerrang. On the left hand side it’s advertising tour dates, as Kerrang itself attends a lot of music festivals, so selling a product for bands helps them gain interviews. picture2All writing is in a block format which I think goes with the general hard core theme of the magazine. Kerrang also has an online magazine; http://www.kerrang.com/  

unnamed                                                         Magazine Three                                                                                                 My third magazine was Vogue. Vogue doesn’t have a content page. As the magazine is there to advertise and sell. The initial page you see inside is an image of clothes by Ralph Lauren. So instantly the magazine is aiming for people to spend. This makes it different to the other two magazines, as they still have interviews, columns, facts etc. The writing is all elegant and fancy, which is fits in with the theme of the magazine well, as it is high fashion magazine.. All the themes fit together well to target there audience, which is high end buyers of a mature age. picture3Vogue is a very expensive magazine so yes they do have an online site; http://www.vogue.co.uk/


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