Starting From Myself   

Last year we did a task named ‘starting from myself’, where we created a mind map on things, people, that we associated with ourselves. In order to create a project that came from our passions.

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Using inspiration from previous work, I can chose things that are important to me and reflect this in the magazine I will create.

Idea One

I could create an online magazine for children. Something I’ve always loved is Disney and fairy tales. Which I have use a lot in previous work whilst being at Canterbury College. I could create short stories, using known characters, but in my own story lines. Create online games that children could print off and do. I could even create a page on princess fashion with a modern twist, to sell. My target audience would mainly be aimed for girls of an age range of 5 too 8, as I would make it a very feminine magazine.

I previously made a story and video, named ‘Fairy Tale Effect’, which I could improve and make short videos for the online magazine.

Whilst looking online, I couldn’t find an online Disney Magazine, only pages that tried to make you buy the real life thing. Meaning there is a place for my idea online.

Idea Two

My second idea comes from my love of hip hop and grime music. I could create an online music magazine based  around that genre of music. Where I can advertise tours, hold interviews and have playlists of music people can listen to online. Although they do have a lot of sites like this, so I would need to think of ways to stand out.

A website I was looking at was Billboard.

Billboard (2016) Music charts, news, photos & video. Available at: (Accessed: 23 September 2016).

Billboard has all the characteristics that make up a good online music site. They involve the chart hits and allow you too listen to them online. They are well connected to social media, which in the generation we’re in sells. They include loads of interviews, and articles, which most people now a days are obsessed with the actions celebrities take in their lives. Using inspiration from this I could create an online music magazine.

Idea Three

I could use my knowledge on skate boarding, to create an online magazine based on this. There aren’t many online resources based on this subject. I think it could be something unique to do and try and create a fan base for this subject. It is a very broad subject that I could create many subjects for the magazine.

Skateboarders have influenced the fashion industry through their ‘IDGAF’ lifestyle and the way that they have dressed for decades. It is only natural that skaters would create their own clothing lines. Let’s be honest, who understands what skate kids want to wear than skaters themselves?

It is not just for guys though. Even female skaters have interpreted their own style. Using these brands and making it their own. In recent years vintage Adidas and Nike have been worn a lot. Wearing bright colors, that give off the Hawaiian vibe.

Welty, M. (2013) The 10 best Skater-Owned clothing brands right now. Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

 Art is majorly associated with skating, this is shown in many forums, specifically with there deck art. Which is a product I could discuss on my online magazine.

(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 23 September 2016).

Santa Cruz skateboards: Decks (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

I could also interview every day skaters and professional skaters. I previously created a video where I interviewed skaters, I could create videos similar to this for my online magazine.


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