Billboard Magazine

picture1Billboard magazine’s target audience varies from young teens; 16 too young adults; 26 This is as of its wide range of chart updates and music gossip. The rate card shows many graduates read it, as it as an American magazine. 

Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher magazine has a very set target audience, skaters. Nether the less they will also talk about music, fashion, tricks and culture.  Seventeen years of publication have proven that advertising in THRASHER magazine is the quickest, easiest and most influential way to reach your target audience.

 It is the longest running magazine on the sport, and is the most recognized one as of the lack of skate boarding magazines out there.

  • 70% of THRASHER readers do not read any other skateboard magazine on a regular basis.
  • 88% of THRASHER readers say they get skateboard and music coverage in THRASHER that they don’t get elsewhere.
  •  9 out of 10 THRASHER reader’s have bought a product advertised in THRASHER in the past month.
  • 65% of THRASHER readers list THRASHER as their primary influence in purchase decisions, the other
  • 90% of males read Thrasher, 10% are females.
  • The most popular age range whom read it are 13-15, at 54%.

Online Survey

I created a survey on SurveyMonkey, to get public feedback on my magazine ideas.

These are the questions I asked;

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With the feedback I received it made it clear the the music magazine was least popular, as people didn’t write to much detail about it. A lot of people mentioned they’d recommend it to relative and friends children. Whilst for the skating magazine, people only said skaters, which shows both magazine will have a set target audience. However from my responses I got more ideas and inspiration for the skating magazine.




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