Opposing View One

I have very strong feelings/ opinions regarding…the generations today and the generations that surround us. Why shouldn’t a teenager be able to look out their window, with the sun blazing at their face, and think about going to skate where ever they may live? Why shouldn’t they skate a local band stand or set of stairs? Punishment, perception, things older generations place upon us. Surely mature adults would prefer too see teenagers enjoying a hobby, than stealing, stabbing and scrapping. My point is how can we work together so that those mature aren’t worried about skaters antics, and how can skaters know that they have a place to skate without having to defend themselves? CHANGE. Supply for the generation of today. Don’t waste your time sitting in a chair deciding what to do, listen to what they have to say. Build more skate parks, make public areas available to skate on, and hep build a happy generation, with no crime and judgement.

Opposing View Two

Do you think it’s easy to listen too all peoples views? Too please everyone? Unfortunately we do have to listen to adults and the stories they give us. Nine times out of ten it involves kids skating, smoking weed and doing graffiti everywhere. Now they may say they don’t participate in crime and fights, but does that mean we can sit there, build them skate parks, only for them to eventually be damaged and for young people to be doing drugs? No. I don’t think that’s reasonable. Nor do we have the sufficient funds to build these things. Sometimes in life we have to priorities, and skate parks just aren’t at the top of the list, but is something we want to most definitely build on.


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