The Idea

My final idea is to create an online skating magazine. As it is a niche market, which would
make my idea stand out and be original. Fortunately there are a lot of subjects I can use within the magazine such as; art, fashion, pro skaters, top skate parks etc.

Target Audience Research

Primary Research

Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher magazine has a very set target audience, skaters. Nether the less they will also talk about music, fashion, tricks and culture.  Seventeen years of publication have proven that advertising in THRASHER magazine is the instant, easiest and most influential way to reach your target audience.

  • The most popular age range who read it are 13-15 years, at 54% (as stated in Thrasher Magazine  Website.)
  •  It is the longest running magazine on the skateboarding sport, and is very popular due to the lack of skate boarding magazines out there.
  • 70% of THRASHER readers do not read any other skateboard magazine on a regular basis.
  • 88% of THRASHER readers say they get skateboard and music coverage in THRASHER that they don’t get elsewhere.
  •  9 out of 10 THRASHER reader’s have bought a product advertised in THRASHER in the past month.
  • 65% of THRASHER readers list THRASHER as their primary influence in purchase decisions, the other
  • 90% of males read Thrasher, 10% are females.

All statistics above are from the following link below;

Bibliography: CR programming M2T5 (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

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I used the website below, called YouGov to find existing research related to skating interests in general, for my target audience. I discovered a lot of important research from the following link.

Bibliography: YouGov profiles LITE (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).


  • Most who took this survey were male. Only 35.5% of skaters were females.
  • The age range was 18-24.
  • The most common social grade is middle class.
  • The most popular areas for skating are London and the South Coast.
  • Jobs that appear most are media based work, or trade work.
  • Most of those who took this survey spend at least £1000 on the hobby.


  • The most common hobbies among skaters are music, arts and fishing.
  • All sports are popular for skaters.
  • Interests include gaming, religion and graphic design.
  • Niche interests include, unusual sports, like rock climbing and martial arts.
  • They don’t seem to be too into animals, as most animals chosen are basic common house pets.


  • Words used to describe themselves were; talented, a leader, upbeat, a thinker, inventive and spontaneous.
  • But on occasion they can be seen as; arrogant, hyperactive, reckless, bossy and unpredictable.


  • They are customers of Coca Cola, Addidas and Red Bull.
  • The most popular super marker is Asda
  • Common clothing brands worn are Vans, Addidas, Nike, Converse and AirWalk.


  • Popular films are; Inbweeteners, Ride Along and Friday Friday.
  • Popular music artists are; Kendrick Lemar, Grimes and Gnarles Barkley.
  • Favorited celebrities consist of Richard Hammond, Neil Patrick Harris, Russel Brand and James Franco.

Brief Summary

Doing this research helped me get a broader understanding of skaters. YouGov helped me get more insight into skaters not just in Kent. Giving me more things to think of in my project and how interests are similar in this scene.

Concrete Circus 

Secondary Resarch


Concrete Circus was a documentary on channel 4, that focused around urban sports. Representing many various sports and showing there art form. Most people do not think of skating and riding a bike as a sport, but it is. All four urban sports (skate boarding, BMXing, roller blading and free running) shown in this documentary are very physically  challenging. The documentary  focuses on well known names within the urban sport scene, encouraging participants to continue it, and those against it to listen and try it. That is how I want my magazine to come across. It would include interviews with professional skaters, every day skaters, and those who aren’t aware of the sport. With the intention to promote the urban sports among the younger generation.

Bibliography: Concrete circus (2015) Available at: (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

Brief Summary

The research I have gained from Concrete Circus makes me confident in knowing my magazine will make an impact on people, like Concrete Circus did. Knowing that a subject like this was on Channel Four, makes me realize that this topic is getting heard more and I can add to the debate and promote Urban Sports. The documentary also discusses how social media is involved in urban sports  and how it helps make it more popular. I hope to use this by making the skaters in my magazine more known and encouraging people to take up urban sports. I know Concrete Circus has an impact, because it made an impact on me getting  into Urban Sports. Also this documentary was recommended to me by a tutor who has no interest in Urban sports, which makes me confident in knowing something like this can reach out to anyone, because it caught her imagination too.

Female Skaters

Primary and Secondary Research

I interviewed a fellow media student (Morgan), whom skates, to give  her advice and feelings on Urban Sports. This was useful as it was a female who skates and lives locally, so this has given me a good insight on the subject, from a female perspective.

Although Morgan only takes up long boarding, how they can be involved in any diverse type of urban sport. She says how being a female in Urban Sports is unique as it is not common. There for this gives an opportunity to create  a big page spread on the subject, with an aim to get more females interested in the urban sports. An interesting thing she mentions is how Urban Sports should be in the Olympics. This would be a big platform to discuss in my magazine, as why shouldn’t Urban Sports be in the Olympics they are just as physically challenging as most sports seen in the Olympics. I could create interviews with the BBC,  which would add a great twist to my magazine as it will involve a wider audience, connected to the BBC.

Famous Female Skaters

Elissa Steamer

‘Back in the early 90’s, Elissa smashed through a predominately male-dominated skating scene, in Toy Machines 1996’s video, Welcome To Hell’

( -Accessed: 30 September 2016). .

Photo: Gabe Morford Email: Subject: Elissa Steamer Location: San Francisco, CA

          Although other female skaters  were seen in the video, Elissa shared the same amount of screen time with the male skaters. However it wasn’t until 1998 when she won the Slam City Jam women’s division – and finally went pro – that she began to make a name for herself. She is also the only female character you can play in Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

The following link is for the image above;

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

Patti McGee

Patti-McGee9‘Patti was doing a handstand on a skateboard on the cover of Life magazine in May 1965 long before bra burning and protests outside the Washington Monument’.

As mentioned in the following link; ( (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

Patti was the first woman to become a pro skateboarder, after winning the Women’s National Skateboard Championship. She was sponsored by ‘HOBIE’ skateboards and demonstrated her 360s trick on them around the world.

By the time Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta were ripping around ‘Southern California, Patti had quit skateboarding altogether to become a turquoise miner in Nevada and later a leather smith. But her early exposure and talent paved the way for future generation of female riders.

Brief Summary

I was inspired to research female skaters by my tutor, and I’m thankful for the conversation with my tutor, that lead me to explore the subject further. As learning more about female skaters gives another topic for my project. Highlighting that this sport is not just for guys made me even more interested in my own project, to know about these women who have been so successful in Urban Sports. It makes me want to go out there and find female skaters, to get a woman’s perspective on the urban sports.

The Fashion

Primary Research: Images I Took Myself

‘Skateboarders have influenced the fashion industry through their laid back lifestyle and this is mirrored in the way that they have dressed for decades’

As mentioned in the following link; (Accessed: 7 June 2016).

 It is only natural that skaters would want to create their own clothing lines because fashion is closely linked to the sport. Let’s be honest, who understands best what skate kids want to wear better than skaters themselves?

There are many brands that come to mind; Vans, Primitive, Jovontae Turner & Co, Shake Junt, HUF, Girl Skateboards and more.

It is not just for guys though. Even female skaters have interpreted their own style. Using these brands and making it their own. Below are some images I took of myself, showing the female skater fashion.

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Brief Summary

A big part of any sport is the fashion element. Skating has it’s own style which sets it apart from sports such as football or even golf. I believe discussing fashion in my project will make young people interested, as our generation is consumed by the fashion industry. I will aim to include articles on both genders,to attract a wider target.

Magazine Font and Color Concepts

Secondary Research


I want my magazine to be full of color, to show skating as an art form. I will use red-bull-media-3graffiti as my background. It will stand out and will entice young skaters.                                                When looking up fonts, I instantly felt ‘Thrashers’ font was 25567the kind of font I wanted for my magazine. picture5The font is bold and edgy and hard hitting like the sport. ‘Thrasher’ being a skating magazine, know what attracts there audience as well.

The following links are for the above images;

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Brief Summary

Looking up existing fonts and color schemes gave me ideas on how I would like my magazine to look. This is useful as it gives me ideas and makes me think of ways to make my magazine stand out from the rest.

Magazine Spreads

Secondary Research


I looked up existing magazine spreads on skate boarding. They all have similar themes, white background, colorful bold pictures and black plain font. I think the magazines use this colour code as a theme as most audiences for these magazines are men. Black and white work together, however they are strong colors, that have a dominance about them.


The following links are for the images either side;


Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

Mood Board


Magazine Cover Ideas/Flat Plan


I created a tester front cover for my website. This is the kind of style I’d like my final product to look like.

Front Cover Flat Plan






One thought on “Final Idea Research

  1. You have done an excellent research both primary and secondary to support your project idea. The subject matter for your magazine is unique and there is definitely a market for skating magazine. Your unique selling point is also very clear, as you are looking into female skate borders and the way for your magazine to appal to girls as well.
    Excellent start to a project.


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