I think my final project fits the original idea I created. It has the plain yet colorful theme to it. As well as not forcing thousands of words down my readers throats. Also selling skating products to my target audience.

I first used Photoshop to crate my front cover and content page. So I could place images freely and use the font I wanted. I then copped and pasted these to Adobe Premier. I then used Adobe to create my article pages, as it makes the space more refined. I use the box and column tools to make everything place well and look like a typical magazine lay out would.

39The following images are of magazines I got my inspiration from. I liked how they were very minimalist, which gave more attention to the sport images. That is where I got my ideas to have my background and lay out plain, so it focused on the topics I was discussing in my articles.  I also used similar font, as it suits the minimalist style of the magazine.

The main purpose of my magazine is to entertain those who participate in skate boarding in there every day lives. There aren’t many skateboarding magazines out there, meaning my magazine would be popular and well sold, as it is aiming for one set target audience. I also specialized in one page for female skaters, meaning it is there to show a provide information that there are female skaters out there and also adds another audience to my magazine, as it isn’t just aimed for one gender.

Through this project I have refreshed my skills on Adobe and learning the balance of making my magazine look professional through the sense of order, which Adobe provides with it columns and boxes.

Next time I would like to take more, and a wider range of photos. Although I have used photos of skate boards, I didn’t have enough. Which is something that should have been a priority as my whole magazine focuses around skating, a product I’m advertising from the front cover title itself.

I managed my time keeping well through out the project. I had my photos done at least two weeks before we were supposed to create the magazine, so I was prepared for when we started the creating and editing process. I also completed my magazine a week in advance. Which meant in the last week I had plenty of time to do a detailed evaluation.

I feel that my magazine suits the target audience and has turned out to the best I wanted it to, within the time I had on this project. All my research is linked below;

This will show how my magazine fits well the research I did on my target audience. All in all I am happy with how my final magazine turned out.


One thought on “Magazine and Evaluation

  1. The standard of the final magazine is good, but not to your potential. You have done better projects in the past using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign programme. The magazine lacks professional finish. The front page is too busy without real focus on the person or the product. You have missed the opportunity to reach to the female audience, which you could do by using female skater on the front page of magazine. Pages need neater polish and at some instances better choice of images.
    Overall the magazine has a potential but is not executed to a high standard.


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