Article One

“Make A Stand”

You can’t avoid judgment in this day and age, even if you tried. Sometimes people don’t even mean to do it, people are just consumed by what they think is right and wrong with other people. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘SKATERS’? Cool, sport, or maybe even hooligans? Most mature people would agree with the last term. Too a certain extent I see how skaters can be perceived as reckless, but isn’t that just a stereotype, for skaters to spend their time smoking weed, spraying graffiti where ever they please, and causing a scene? That just fall’s back onto my point, JUDGEMENT. I sat down with a local skater to see why they’re so fond of the sport and see if his words can change those who don’t quite understand their lifestyles.

What was the first time like stepping onto a board?

I was a lot younger, my friend and his brother who used too skate, took my to this hill and I just got on a board and went down it. I knew from that moment this was a sport for me.

Would you clasp skate boarding as a sport?

Errrr, yes I guess so. I guess the street is your canvas, and your board is the paint brush. When you skate, it’s just you and your board, nothing else matters.

Why do you like skating?

There’s so many different types of people around you, like younger and older people. What I tend to find is you learn a lot of life lessons young, because you’re around a lot of older people. Guide you in the right now. No judgment, no racism in skate boarding, any age, any gender, helps clear your mind, there’s nothing else like it. No rules. Just you, and progressing how you want too.

“No judgement, no racism in skate boarding, any age, any gender, helps clear your mind, there’s nothing else like it.”

Do you think the sport is destructive?

I mean not really. People underestimate what these boards can do, yeah maybe a thew scratches, but no.

Why do you think the sport is now more popular?

In the past skaters have always been looked down on anyway, it wasn’t one of those things people were to intrigued, but now it’s become a lot more commercial and people are on it. You know what I mean?

How does the sport benefit young people?

– It’s one of those thing that, cause you’re always doing something, it keeps you, it diverts you for all those bad things. Especially when you’re coming up as a teenager, getting a bit wilder.

Article Two

“Ladies Skate All Day Too”

I have to admit, I wasn’t aware of female skaters when I first became appealed by the skating scene. I could only really name male skaters. Then one day I finally met a young girl who skated, and my immediate thought was YESSS, go girl. I began to wonder why isn’t there more girls riding and getting dirty on a board? There sure as hell should be.

Looking into it I found myself finding information about all these dope women who are striving well in a scene that is male dominated. Take Bufoni, an American 23 year old who is the first female skater, too join Nike SB. It’s great that mainstream companies like Nike are finally seeing the potential in female skaters, because it opens up a path way for other companies to do this. It’s women like this who are pushing for the day when women are show cased in the same light as men.

If you ask industry insiders about the future of women’s skateboarding, they will tell you that interest levels have shot up. It is the fastest growing demographic in action sports, and younger girls are starting to skate.

I had a chance to talk to a local female skater and get her views on women within the sport;

How did you get into the sport?

I used to hang out with a lot of guys who skated, I eventually met a girl who did the same, and from there on it’s what I did with my time.

Do you think it’s harder for females to get involved in skating?

Ummm, I would’t say it’s harder, in day to day life they’d be noticed. But regarding the industry it is a lot harder, yes.

How do guys who skate treat you?

I mean sometimes they make me nervous *giggles*, but they do encourage you. A bit of both really.

Why do you think more girl’s should take up the sport?

Because it’s fun, gives you adrenaline rushes, it’s different. It put’s yourself out there, gaining more confidence, and balance. So yeah radical due.


One thought on “Draft of Article Reviews

  1. Your article and review are based on interesting subject matter, but both need proofreading and editing. You should ask myself or Greg to read your work before adding it to your magazine. Your class members could do it for you as well. In the future please make sure that any piece of writing going into your final project is proofread and corrected.


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