Week One

In the first week of our project we began researching front covers of existing magazines. This was useful as it gave us ideas for our own magazines and how a lay out typically looks on professional magazines sold. We also went to WHSmith’s to look at paper magazines. This helped narrow down three genres I could use; hip-hop music, skateboarding and children magazines.

Week Two

In the second week we created a SWOT analysis in order to break down our three ideas and have an idea of what idea would best suit our final magazine. I also created research on my three ideas, including things likes; market, target audience research and what would be seen in the type of magazine. Through this I decided skateboarding would be the magazine I’d create, as I have a good understanding of the topic.

Week Three and Four

In these weeks I created my research for my final idea, to show and learn a good understanding of my topic. This was helpful as it meant I had a full understanding of what I’d be using in my magazine. I also went out and took photos of skaters, so I was prepared for when creating my magazine. Finally I created a pitch to present to my peers.

Week Six

In week six I presented my pitch to my tutors and class, this was useful as it gave me feedback and fresh opinions on my project.

Week Seven and Eight

In these weeks I created my complete magazine, for the project. I feel that my magazine turned out well and fits the brief I set myself for my target audience.

Week Nine

In week nine I made sure everything was complete and to the best of my ability to meet the final deadline.


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