Single Camera Production

A single camera production is simply a film or television show that uses one camera to film. Typically used in low budget productions or ones that use a lot of editing. Advantages good-lightingof multi camera production, is you don’t have to worry about other cameras and only have to focus on one position of the camera.  Meaning it will have higher quality images. As well as saving money, due to less equipment and crew. As well as the director can get more involved with the production. The disadvantages are that it is more of a longer process when filming. Having to adjust lighting more often between scenes and there is more risk of continuity errors.

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Multi Camera Productions

A multi camera production uses more than one camera. This will typically be used in live shows, gaming shows, sports and concerts. The advantage of multi camera productions is remote-kit-shoot1_75-940x629that you have loads of angles and shots to chose from. All the shots will be filmed at the same time, meaning nothing will be out of place. Disadvantages of multi camera productions are it will take longer to set up and more crew will be needed, meaning more money is spent.

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Series Format Vampire-Diaries-Season-8-Poster-2016.jpg

A TV show that consists of a short number of related episodes. Like Downtown Abbey of Friends. This could be single or a multi camera production.

EastEndersSerial Format

A long number of episodes, where a continuing plot is relied on. Like a soap opera; Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale. Multi camera productions are often used for serial formats as it saves a lot of time when a lot of episodes are being filmed at once.

Serial Drama original.jpg

A one off drama production, usually a periodical drama, which BBC do often. Normally
done through single camera production, to get a higher quality finish. These normally only contain a few or on episode, so more time can be spent on the production.

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Film and Television Sub Genres

Movies and TV Shows are always categorised into genres; period drama, drama documentary, crime, soap opera and comedy and horror. Iconography is where you expect to see certain elements depending on the genre. For example in an action film you’d expect fast pace movement, violence and explosions.

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10-things-i-hate-about-you-first-season.16066.jpg10 Things I Hate About You

The show is a series format and was filmed with single camera production. It was a spin of from the film released in 1999. It was aired on ABC in 2009. It is a comedy aimed for teenagers. Although it didn’t make pass 10 episodes. You can tell this is a comedy due it loudness and brightness, as well as the common tacky lines used by the actors to make it’s young audience laugh. It is a series format as it consisted of a number of related episodes, but didn’t go on like Eastenders does.

How I  met your motherhow-i-met-your-mother-ninth-season.1399.jpg

The show is also a series format, but is a multi media production. As the shows has more of a budget and the stories focus around a wider cast. The show started in 2009 and finished in 2014. It is also a comedy and shares the same conventions of 10 Things I Hate About You. Although the sense of humour is more adult, as the target audience for the show is older.


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  1. You have provided short but to the point answers. It is evident that you are in command of the subject and understanding different type of single camera as well as multi camera TV production and programmes.


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