Narrative Structure 

A linear narrative; this is where the story line runs from start to end in chronological order.

Non-linear structure; this is where the story line jumps about, and may not start as a beginning, but as an end. It will often involve flashbacks. A lot of films by Tarantino are non-linear.

Flashbacks; are used to show past memories from the character involved, to either show the audience how the character is who they are, or to piece together moments in a film.

Single strand narrative structure; this is term used to show the plot only focuses around one character.

Multi-strand narrative structure; this is a narrative for more than one character, as seen in films like Love Actually.

Close endings; this is where a story line has a conclusion, so a sequel isn’t always neccisary.

Open narrative structure; this is normally some sort of cliff hanger, meaning that there will be a sequel leading on from it.

Series Format

Vampire Diaries
96ad662e145ec78d03baf2e8b0d40e9f.jpgThe Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural, television drama. The series first came out in September 2009, it is currently on it’s last series ever. The target audience is women aged eighteen above. The series uses a multi-strand structure. Elena Gilbert, Damon and Stefan Salvatore are the main characters, and you always follow their story lines together and separately. However as the series goes on more characters are introduced with their own plot lines and pasts. This then leads on to the use of flash backs, which are used a lot in the series. Being vampires they have led a long life, meaning throughout the series they have to use flashbacks to show how their pasts make them lead their vampire lives now, and how new characters are from their pasts. Each series typically ends through a cliff hanger, as this will make the audiences return for the next series. As a fan of the show I can relate to this. In season four Stefan is locked in a safe, thrown into a lake, and neglected for a month. This made me want to watch season five, to see how he turns out. Showing that using cliff hangers in a series format is good to keep their viewer ratings up.

Serial Format

The-Carter-family-full-portrait.jpgEastenders is a soap opera. It follows a small community in London’s East End. The target audience for a show like this can range from any gender, and any age from 13 years old, as it is a mainstream program and it’s plot lines are so varied. It first began in 1985 and is still on our screens. It is on every day besides Saturday and Sunday, which shows it is a serial format. The series is linear, as there is always a beginning, middle and end to a story line, although the plot doesn’t typically end well for the characters. The show has a multi-strand narrative, each episode probably focuses on about 10 different stories from 10 different characters. Both open and closed narratives are used in this show. Open so audiences tune into the next episode. Closed for when they are getting rid of a set character. Flashbacks may been seen in the program, but are very rare. Being a soap opera,it is full of lots of drama, meaning cliff hangers are used a lot to keep viewers interested on story lines.

Single Format

The White Queen
blood_on_my_hands_graphic-8089The White Queen aired in June 2016, mad up of ten episodes. Showing it is a single format as it was a one off. It aired on BBC, and was a period, action, steamy romance drama. It is aimed to young adults and older. The show is based on the story of Elizabeth Woodville, queen consort of King Edward IV of England. It uses a linear structure, it tells the beginning of Elizabeth’s reign and her end. The show uses a multi-strand narrative, as it tells the stories from two other powerful women trying to gain power around the time of Elizabeth’s reign. The story has a close ending, as there would be no more episodes after the tenth one. As well as it being based on books that do come to an end.


One thought on “Project Two

  1. Through this task, you have demonstrated an excellent understanding of different type of narrative structure with specific examples picked to illustrate your points. You analysis of chosen TV series and a program is excellent showing full command of subject terminology, an understanding of genre or sub genres for each example used and an understanding of target audience for each program.


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