Overall I am pleased with the editing and I think I have created a professional looking video with the use of different shots and angles.

My strengths within this piece was the use of my voice, using different tones and pitches to show my emotions and reactions to the interviewer.

The weaknesses within this piece is the continuity at some times it was difficult to edit and crop as we had often talked over one another. A range of shots could have been used better. The background is also boring and dull, it doesn’t look inviting or exciting.

Feedback from Lecturer

Positives- “. There was good projection of voice and voice over and sound was very crisp. A variety of shots used well also excellent ghosting effect when the real Emma Watson comes in.”

Negatives – “The two people shot could be filmed slightly different using a mid shot to get the whole person in. Could use an over the shoulder shot to create a more intense and intermittent interview. “


One thought on “How To Shoot A Scene with Dialogue

  1. This exercise is well planned and well filmed using single camera techniques. The shots are well framed and shot reverse shot complement each other. The quality of sound is excellent and the whole piece is well edited together. The whole crew work together and behaved professionally throughout the shoot.


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