Our target audience is for anyone whom feels attacked by cyber bullies or whom is a bully themselves. We hope that our short film gives awareness and the effects of cyber bullying.


  • Message from the bully, calling the victim horrible names and using violent threats.
  • Victim goes to block and report the cyberbully.
  • Then threatens to make the victims life a living nightmare and to watch their back.
  • The next day the victim doesn’t turn up at school.
  • The teacher calls home and questions where the boy is.
  • The parents run upstairs to his bedroom.
  • To see the computer screen with multiple abusive messages continuing to pop up.
  • The parent pulls the plug from the computer/turning it off.

Story Board

The majority of our shots will be close ups to capture the emotions.

Emotional music will continue to play through out the film as well as sound effects of message alerts coming through.

Having the clip in black and white I think will also be effective as it shows the audience how dull and dark the world is within cyber bullying.



Shooting Script



Scene One:

INT – His Bedroom.- NIGHT

A close up shot of a phone receiving violent threats and name calling from the bully in question in a text.

BULLY (unseen): TEXT:

You better not come to school today.

The person being bullied texts back – defending themselves:


Leave me alone I don’t want any trouble


If you come into school you will regret it.


Scene Two:

INT- A Class Room.- DAY

The classroom is full except for one empty seat.

The teacher phones home to tell the parents she is absent.


Scene Three:

INT – Stair Case in His House. – DAY

A close up shot of the parents running upstairs to find them.


Scene Four:

INT – His Bedroom. – DAY

A close up of a hand sprawled along the floor, followed by a close up of the victims computer with thousands of messages from the bully.


Scene Five:

INT – His Bedroom. – DAY

A close up of the victims parents unplugging the computer, to show an end to the bullying.



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