Idea One

Fairy Tale Effect

This idea will be based off a project I did in Level Two Media, but will be more developed. It is based on fairy tales. I will turn the story I wrote then in to a script, that will appeal to children. The story will loosely be based on typical fairy tale characters, and common names within Disney. I will connect their stories to make a wider plot line.

Fairy Tale Effect

For eleven years now I’ve watched these young girls. Girls who are scared, saddened, scratched. Why is it people like this, aren’t seen for the attributes they hold? One day I’d help these girls, see that the world will not always hurt them. 

Cinderella, a girl of shimmering gold hair, crouched beside the old, dusty fire place. Collecting strays of ash. She could not stop until every spot was clear. For above her head, lived three wicked women. You can hear them now, be quiet. Thuds and clucks were echoed from above. The women strutted around upstairs, admiring themselves; their ugly faces shattered all mirrors around. But they didn’t care, for they thought they have every man’s eyes. Poor Cinderella could not escape. As the women were unfortunately her step-mother and sisters. If she was to go, she’d have nowhere. How unfair is that girl so beautiful and benevolent, would have to live a life of a slave.

 No matter how much her task was complete, the ugly women would have a new burden. Cinderella now told to head into the woods to collect some nettles for their soup. Given no gloves, she’d have to go through the pain, in order to live another day. Once deep into the wilderness, she began to pick the nettles. The moon was beginning to rise; as it did Cinderella’s tears began to flourish down like a rushing waterfall.

 Within the bushes, two chocolate brown eyes peered out at her. The eyes of this person were caring, yet curious. A native tribe, lives within these woods. They are often referred to as ‘savages’, although they live in peace. The chocolate brown eyes began to rear from the bushes. There stood straight, was a stunning, dark headed woman. She covered herself in deep rouge tattoos and wore barely anything. Although she did look elegant, regardless of the lack of foot wear. Pocahontas was her name. Cinderella did not panic, just sat in ore. Pocahontas approached Cinderella, kneeling in front of her; she began to stroke the palm of her hands with dot leaves. Cinderella’s tears were no more; the pain had now vanished from her hands. She knew the woman would not understand her, so she left her with a kiss on the cheek.

 Pocahontas left Cinderella, through the woods, she would elegantly glaze every tree with her touch. The rush of the wind, the fall of leaves and tweets of birds, only gave her a soothing pleasure. Almost within reach of her tribe, she heard a sudden bang of a gun. Without a single care she began to rush more towards her home. Within an instant a gesture of arm movement stopped her. She could not see for, the person had grasped her into a cage, covering her mouth. Eventually she was able to turn. Before she could defend herself, her eyes put her in an instant gaze. For the man was appealing. He stood there in a strong, yet warming stance. His hair shoulder length and a shimmering blonde. Before Pocahontas knew it she was sat there, beginning to find a love for the English Man, John Smith.

 A million miles away, Cinderella had found herself in a heap of tears again. Her step-mother had ripped away the only memorable night she could ever have. Any chance of going to a lavish ball or meeting the man of her dreams, was no more. Within time, all the leaves from the willow tree that surrounded her had fallen, cascading her into a circle. Leaves began to swirl around her, after the tornado had dropped, a funny looking woman stood in her place. This woman, was her Fairy God Mother. She consoled in Cinderella, making her see she deserves better. Giving her the opportunity to rightly go to the ball.

 Before going through the doors of the lavish palace, Cinderella could hear a distant cry. Being the gentle person she is, she followed this, to a dungeon like drain. A hand was delicately slipped through a gap of it. Cinderella took the hand and began to stroke it. The woman could now be seen, as moonlight sleeked in through the gaps. Revealing a young alluring girl. She wore a proud yellow gown, her wavy, brown hear concealed into a bun. Tears had left deep cracks in her face, like a trickling rain drops racing to the end of a crashing window. Yet beautiful, there was a deep pain. The young girl, revealed her name as Belle. She began to tell Cinderella her story of a Beast. Although Cinderella knew deep down that no matter what they look like, everyone should feel love. Belle’s eyes opened wider, knowing how it felt to be belittled for her intelligence, she vowed to learn to love the Beast.

 Cinderella had never in her life felt so many eyes on her, for the right reasons. Everyone in a trance by her beauty and sweetness that radiated of her. Of course the Prince had felt this to. They walked and talked for what felt like hours. The Prince asked her to dance, her mind was being whirled around. Whilst spinning she saw that crying girl, who claimed there was a Beast. Although this man was no Beast, yet a charming Prince. Both Cinderella and Belle exchanged beaming smiles. DING DONG, there it was, midnight. She had to go, or her night would turn to ruins. Sliding of her glass slipper she handed it to the Prince. ‘Find me tomorrow’. With that she spiraled out of the palace.

 Belle’s eyes followed Cinderella. Curiosity got the better of her, so she followed Cinderella’s every step. Down to the woods the sparkling sapphire and topaz went, where they met the garnet. Pocahontas sat distraught by the river, Cinderella wiped her eyes just as Pocahontas had once done for her. Belle crouched beside them. There lay three generous, beautiful, kind women, all about to brace the lives they truly deserved.


Into the Woods is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a musical format that follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel-all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them.

                              Stage Show – Debuted in 1986.                      Film – Released in 2014.

Revolting Rhymes is a book written by Roald Dahl, which was published in 1982. The book consists of known fairy tales and fables, that Roald Dahl has turned into something ‘revolting’.

The Three Little Pigs;

A short while later, through the wood,
Came striding brave Miss Riding Hood.
The Wolf stood there, his eyes ablaze,
And yellowish, like mayonnaise.
His teeth were sharp, his gums were raw,
51cTjS2dxYL__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_And spit was dripping from his jaw.
Once more the maiden’s eyelid flickers.
She draws the pistol from her knickers.
Once more she hits the vital spot,

And kills him with a single shot.
Pig, peeping through the window, stood
And yelled, “Well done, Miss Riding Hood!”

Ah, Piglet, you must never trust
Young ladies from the upper crust.
For now, Miss Riding Hood, one notes,
Not only has two wolfskin coats,
But when she goes from place to place,

The Bloody Chamber is a book written by Angela Carter, which was published in 1979, her most known short story from this book is ‘The Company 41fqUvcUBAL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_of Wolves’, which was adapted in 1984. Here are some clips from some of her short stories. You can see how more adult they are, how the use of words are mature and more sexual, making it no longer fairy tales for children.

(The Tigers Bride – A Retelling of Beauty and The Beast)

“He dragged himself closer and closer to me, until I felt the harsh velvet of his head against my hand, then a tongue, abrasive as sandpaper. “He will lick the skin off me!”
And each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin, all the skins of a life in the world, and left behind a nascent patina of shining hairs. My earrings turned back to water and trickled down my shoulders; I shrugged the drops off my beautiful fur.”

(The Snow Child – A Retelling of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)

“So the girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleeds; screams; falls.
Weeping, the Count got off his horse, unfastened his breeches and thrust his virile member into the dead girl. The Countess reined in her stamping mare and watched him narrowly; he was soon finished. Then the girl began to melt. Soon there was nothing left of her but a feather a bird might have dropped; a bloodstain, like the trace of a fox’s kill on the snow; and the rose she had pulled off the bush… The Count picked up the rose, bowed and handed it to his wife; when she touched it, she dropped it. “It bites!” she said.”

(The Company of Wolves – A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood)

“She stands and moves within the invisible pentacle of her own virginity. She is an unbroken egg; she is a sealed vessel; she has inside her a magic space the entrance to which is shut tight with a plug of membrane; she is a closed system; she does not know how to shiver. She has her knife and she is afraid of nothing.”


This research has helped me developed my idea as these authors inspire my idea and show you can take something already created and make it your own. Into The Woods showed me how you can combine these fairy tales. Roald Dahl and Angela Carter showed me you can make these fairy tales gross or mature, or how they should really be in our reality.

Bibliography: (Accessed: 2 February 2017). (Accessed: 2 February 2017).,204,203,200_.jpg (Accessed: 2 February 2017).,204,203,200_.jpg (Accessed: 2 February 2017).


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