Week One:

In week one we learnt about the features of single and multi camera production. This was useful as I learnt how either multi of single camera production can be effective or non-effective in certain styles of film.

Explain the Features of Single Camera Production

Week Two:

In week two we researched, series, single and serial format. This meant I now have an understanding of the difference of series formats. Eastenders being serial,  The White Queen being single, and Vampire Diaries being series. I now will know the difference when watching future shows. I also learnt different concepts of narrative structure, which I did not know much about, this was useful as I can use things such as non-linear structure, in my own work, as I now know how it is effective.

Project Two

Week Three:

In week three we shot a short video, to learn how to use single camera. It made me focus on different angles, and how much time and effort goes into shooting with a single camera. It taught me to think more on how many shots we should take, in order to make the continuity flow.

How To Shoot A Scene with Dialogue

Week Four: 

Week four consisted of making a one minute video, using single camera. We created a short black and white video on Cyber Bullying. We managed to use single camera effectively. Although due to the project not being aloud dialogue, the film did not flow as well, so that is something to improve on.

One Minute Film

A One Minute Film – Cyber Bullying

Week Five:

In Week Five we moved onto our radio work. We had to think of ideas for a short radio story. I came up with two ideas. One was based on a 911 call, and the second idea I used from my work in Level Two, which was on a Fairy Tale story.

Radio Script Idea One

Radio Script Idea Two

Week Six:

Within this week I made my final radio piece. I felt like it worked out well, the story line related to my target audience. Although due to a lot of sites being blocked at college, I couldn’t get all the sound effects I wanted.

Radio Piece – Fairy Tale Effect

Week Seven:

In week seven we put on a live show, to raise awareness of homelessness. My role was producer. I had to come in two hours earlier than the cast and crew, to make sure everything was prepared. Myself and Leesa, worked on the final script, made sure the camera’s were set up, and where I’d panel would sit. When our cast and crew turned up I made sure they all knew their roles and how to do them. One ready I seated our audience and made sure their phones were off and when to clap. Although there was a few technical difficulties, the show went to plan.


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