What was your  favourite music and artist you listen to as a child ?

As I child I was not really fussed with music, if I am to be honest. However there was a selection of album’s I used to like listening to. Sandi Thom, was my favourite as a child. As back then I used to like more rock, acoustic sounds, rather than mainstream genres.

What was the first CD you had and listen to?

The first CD I had was by Sandi Thom named, “Smile…It Confused People.” My parents brought me it as I always used to rock out to “I Wish I Was  A Punk Rocker”, it was my favourite song on the album.

Did your parents influenced your  taste in music or who did? What is the story behind?

Not really as my parents are not that musically inclined. Although as I grew older my music tastes connected with my dad, as I began to like heavy rocky, like he did.

What was the music you listened to in your early teens and who were your influences?

In my early teens, I liked listening to heavy rock, death core and metal. This was because of the stage me and my friends we’re going through at the time. We wanted something new to be passionate about, so we changed out music taste and style almost.

What was your  favourite music video at that time and why?

I can’t really remember. One that does come to mind, is not as heavy, but more pop rock. I remember constantly singing all the words to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, by Panic At The Disco. I think it was probably because it was one of the more upbeat songs me and my friends could have a laugh to.

Is there an interesting story or anecdote from your teen time influenced by music you listened to?

Another band we liked was called Never Shout Never. It is more the genre indie pop/rock. One of my friends never brought me birthday presents, then one year she finally brought me one, which was a Never Shout Never CD, which she knew I was obsessed with. However I lost it within a week. So if I ever reminisce with her that story always come up, due to the influence of that music.

 Has your  taste in music changed now and what kind of music do you listen now?

My taste has completely changed. I now listen to hip-hop/grime/drum and base and rap. In my early teens I would of put my nose up at chart music, now I always know the words to all the songs that play on the radio.

 Who are your favourite music artists  and why?

I have a lot of different artists I like. I tend to not dictate myself to one artist and listen more to the songs than the artist. Although one artist I do like is Chance The Rapper. I met new people who influenced me into this music, which is how I found Chance. I just like his voice, his lyrics, and how diverse he is in the hip-hop genre.

 What does music means to your and purpose does it serve in your life?

Music is important to me, as for me it is a way of socialising, which is something I like to do. I like to connect with people and discussing music gets you on new levels with people. It makes you understand them better. As most times someone’s favourite artist, show’s who they are, through the artists lyrics.



One thought on “Personal Music Q&A Notes

  1. You have given honest answers about your youth and your influences in music. I can see the way you were growing up and how music shaped you as a person. Your taste in music now shows that you are open-minded person, able to embrace new opportunities. I am confident that you will be able to make a successful music video for an original artist.


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