Show Reel


Evaluation of Live Show

On the 8th of February we got the opportunity to create a live show, that would raise awareness on homelessness . The panel featured 2 members of staff from the charity Porch light, 2 staff members from the Catching Lives charity, a mental health specialist, a homeless person living at Canter Care (refuge) with her child and presenter Scott Banks.

My job role was producer. I feel like this was a perfect role for me as, that is a role I am always comfortable in, as I like throwing myself into a project and having a strong role. I had to make sure the rest of the crew knew their roles, how to fulfill them well and what times to come in. I came in earlier than the rest of the team to look through the script and change it to suit our show. I had to make sure the panelists say in the correct order to fit our script. When the audience turned up I had to seat them, make sure their phones were off and when to clap in our show. This role helped me improve my leadership and team skills.

I feel as a team we worked well. Considering we had never done anything like this before, almost like a deer in head lights, we pulled through the mistakes and made the finishing product look good. The overall experience was good, as I enjoyed seeing everyone getting into their roles and working as a team.

Next time, we could of had a little more communication with the presenter. The script was almost complete on the day of shooting, if we’d had it right sooner we may have had more of a clear script for the presenter, and those of the audience who were involved. There was a couple of technical faults when it came to sound, which caused delays as well. Regardless of this, I feel that as a team we are all confident in working in an environment like this for the future.